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10 Rogue gets shredded

10 Rogue

I talked with vocalist Peter and guitarist Vincent about 10 Rogue’s origins and its international and multigenerational lineup, the band’s DIY mentality and both Peter and Vincent offer a ton of advice for up-and-coming musicians! And yes, we also talked a little bit about Peter’s famous Idool 2003 era!

23 Acez gets shredded

23 Acez

I met up with Benny “Zors” Willaert and Tom “Tee” Tas to talk about the band’s latest album ‘Embracing The Madness’, their improved and heavier sound, the live recordings they did during this night’s show, and finally we discuss Tee’s two unique side projects.<br>

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A talk with Cristiano Filippini (Metal To Infinity original)

Cristiano Filippini's Flames Of Heaven

A beautiful and lengthy to Cristiano Filippini's progressive, symphonic solo project Flames Of Heaven. Originally published on Metal To Infinity on January 13, 2021.

After All gets shredded

After All

I met up with After All's guitarist Dries Van Damme to talk about "De Zwaarste Show," After All's new album, sharing the stage with Judas Priest and poking fun at Metallica. Nothing else matters!

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Amberian Dawn gets shredded

Amberian Dawn

I sat together with Amberian Dawn's Tuomas and Capri in their tour bus to talk about the band's first ten years, how Tuomas deals with the occasional writer's block, his vision on making music and how he and Capri keep themselves in good shape. On to fame & gloria!

Anwynn gets shredded


We met up with keyboardist Astrid to talk about the meaning behind the Anwynn name, the departure of grunting vocalist McBouc, Astrid’s challenging job of being both band member and manager and Anwynn’s upcoming, much heavier album!<br>

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ArtFx gets shredded!


We talked about the band’s origins and the production of their debut album, their show at Stokrock and the creation of their own stout & strong beer.

Astodan gets shredded!


I sat together with guitarists Tim, Nick and bassist Tom to talk about the concept behind Astodan (it’s about bone collection), their successful signing to both Dunk!Records and the US-based A Thousand Arms, Tim’s transition from drummer to guitarist and Nick’s extreme sports hobby.<br>

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At The Front gets shredded

At The Front

I got at the front of ATF to talk about the band's philosophy, the band members' memories of seeing Pantera live on stage, the production of their EP and Geert's particular set of skills.

Ãter gets shredded!


We talked about stuff like Ãter’s origins and the meaning behind the Ãter name, the ideas behind the “Vullighied” EP, Wesley’s departure from Lemuria and he offers advice to all aspiring vocalists out there! It’s a lengthy shred, so sit back with a cold drink and let the darkness flow all over you!<br>

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Aäxor gets shredded


I sat together with Brecht and Armand to discuss Aäxor upcoming major lineup change, the possibility of an upcoming EP and we talk about Brecht’s charity event Metal Against Child Cancer. An awesome event you should all support!

Balance Of Terror gets shredded!

Balance Of Terror

I sat together with Flo Butcher to discuss Balance of Terror’s origins, how they managed to get a record label for their very first release and Flo offers some advice to death and metalcore vocalists! Check it out!<br>

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Beyond The Labyrinth gets shredded

Beyond The Labyrinth

I sat together with BTL to talk about their plans for the coming years, the making of The Art Of Resilience and of the music video Someone Watching Over You and I compare Geert Fieuw’s likeness to that of Brian May! It’s a kind of magic!

Blackfall gets shredded


A chat with Blackfall discussing their debut EP, the band's future plans along with more trivial topics such as Assassin's Creed, venue sizes and pizza! Cowabunga!

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Bleach gets shredded


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Nirvana's Nevermind album I got together with the Italian Nirvana tribute band Bleach to discuss Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, Bleach's recreation of the Smells Like Teen Spirit music video and why it's better NOT to meet your heroes! Plus a review about the Bleach Unplugged show that took place after this interview.

Bloodrocuted gets shredded


A back and forth conversation about Jason's increased hair length, Bloodrocuted's future projects, their tour with the Suicidal Angels and Pokémon!

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Break Me Down gets shredded

Break Me Down

I called up Break Me Down's guitarist Laerte to talk about Break Me Down’s origins, their inspirational life philosophy, the making of their new album “The Pond,” their memorable gig with Vinnie Moore and the band’s diverse professional lives.

Breakfast At Midnight gets shredded

Breakfast At Midnight

During Turbofest 2016 Breakfast At Midnight and I talked about the band's origins and creative evolution, their latest demo Agoraphobia, what the band eats for breakfast (no pun intended), Charlie Chaplin's iconic Great Dictator speech and whether Sten is a real ginger or not!

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Caerus gets shredded


We've contacted Caerus’s vocalist Jose Leijnse to talk about the band’s history, the Morphing Eclispe’s beautifully mysterious artwork, the departure of founding member Jeffrey and recruitment of guitarist Tom and the exciting future that 2020 has in store for Caerus.

Carrion gets shredded


A casual chat about the band's victory in the Wacken Metal Battle, their future plans and what the hell gingercore is supposed to be.

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Cathubodua gets shredded


During the second edition of the Black Out Jam competition, Cathubodua's band members Sara and Peter sat together with me to talk about Cathubodua’s early years, the making of their Glorious Days music video, how the band blends heavy metal with folk and medieval music and we discuss Gaulish mythology. By Toutatis!

Celestial Wolves get shredded!

Celestial Wolves

I sat together with the two brothers, bassist Wouter and guitarist Joris, to talk about the concept behind their 2018 album “Call Of The Void,” their hefty London parking fine, their collaboration with Dunk!Records and Folsom Canine Blues!<br>

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Cellar Twins gets shredded

Cellar Twins

We called up bassist Elodie and lead guitarist Jeff to talk about the band’s basement origins and the making of their “Duality” album, the ambitious music video they’ve got planned post-lockdown and their participation at the Wacken Metal Battle Belgium 2019 semi-finals.

Chalice gets shredded


I sat with Chalice to celebrate their 20th anniversary, the band’s much improved marketing strategy, their appearance on the TV-show Iedereen Beroemd and vocalist Pieter’s Scarecrow mask.<br>

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Charcoalcity gets shredded


Founding member Deezee and I discuss Charcoalcity’s origins, the making of Greyscale (which Deezee made pretty much all by himself) and the controversy regarding the music video for the song Leave (featured at the end of the article).

Ciconia gets shredded!


Daniel and I talked about Ciconia’s European tour and their follow-up endeavors, the production of their new album” Meraki,” the core philosophy behind the band’s sound and Daniel offers some motivational advice for all aspiring musicians out there!<br>

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Citizinsane gets shredded


Citizinsane and I talked about their new lineup, the creative balance they’re aiming to achieve, Jeroen’s upcoming task of fatherhood and we talked about serial killers! Yup, fun for the whole family! Check it out!

Crystal Methal gets shredded

Crystal Methal

Although Crystal Methal wasn't on the roster of Turbofest 2016, I did arranged a meeting with the band's guitarist Stijn Van Nevel. We discussed the band's creative evolution since they started in late 2014, our mutual dislike for trends and hipsters and what funny thing happened when they covered a Pennywise song. Plus a full live performance by the band at the end of the article!

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Cult of Scarecrow gets shredded again!

Cult Of Scarecrow

We sat together with the Cult to talk about the production and songwriting of the Sacrosanct album, how they ended up signing to 2 distinct record labels and the band’s freshly recruited manager Glenn offers some Belgian metal inspired words.

Cult of Scarecrow gets shredded!

Cult Of Scarecrow

We called up Cult of Scarecrow’s keyboardist Eddy Scheire to talk about the band’s origins, their guitar-centered songwriting and their many ambitious plans for the future. A rather short, but still very interesting shred.<br>

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Cyanide Paradise gets shredded!

Cyanide Paradise

We contacted Linn, Jeff and Martin to talk about Cyanide Paradise’s formation, the production of both the “Reach for the Stars” EP and the “Downfall” single and how a post-surgery checkup led the band to recruiting their current drummer.

Dangerous Times for the Dead gets shredded!

Dangerous Times for the Dead

<div>We called up bassist Gerrit to talk about Dangerous Times for the Dead’s origins and influences, their high-quality DIY work ethics and epic Spotify playlists. He also offered advice to other bands on how to get through the COVID19 crisis and finally I remarked that the “Dead” in their logo is very reminiscent of a certain legendary FPS game. </div>

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De Zwaarste Lijst gets shredded!

De Zwaarste Lijst

We asked the show's host Thomas about his upcoming radio debut in De Zwaarste Lijst and what bands he wants on the list, his recent interview with Gojira and his thoughts about the evolution within the Belgian metal scene.

Deafcon gets shredded


The Deafcons and I talked about the band’s origins, what the name Deafcon refers to and the band’s experimental yet accessible nature! And I get asked a question, how often does that happen?

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Decades of Metal get shredded

Decades of Metal

When a band invites me to come over to party and have an interview, who am I to resist? I talk with Decades of Metal about their dream to play in New-Zeeland (or North-Korea), their bridge between old-school and new-school metal and how to deal with stagefright! Very educational stuff!

Diabulus In Musica gets shredded

Diabulus In Musica

I went to talk with Diabulus In Musica's Gorka and David. We had our typical topics like the production of their latest album, Dirge of the Archons, the fact that Belgium has become DIM's home away from home and the epic show they did in their hometown of Pamplona. And I congratulated the band for two very different reasons!

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Drakkar gets shredded


During Summerrock 2016 I had a couple of rums with Leni and talked about Thierry (RIP), Leni's love of travelling and Japanese women as well as his interest in the human condition.

Dunk! gets shredded!

Dunk! Music

We talked about the origins of the Dunk! brand, their 2017 US edition of Dunk!Festival, the international and multicultural brotherhood among the Dunk! audience and the fact that both of Dunk!Festival’s stages are located deep in the woods of Velzeke.<br>

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Dutch Belgian Rockumentary gets shredded!

Dutch Belgian Rockumentary

I talked with Evy about the origins of her Dutch Belgian Rockumentary project, some of her favorite Belgian & Dutch bands, her special-effects makeup hobby and finally both Evy and I offer advice to every aspiring music journalist!

Dyscordia gets shredded


During their release party for Words In Ruin I had the chance to talk with all six of the Dyscordia guys. Discussing fun topics like playing in their hometown of Kortrijk, Playstation, the band's inclusion in this year's Zwaarste Lijst and Stefan's self-brewed beer! WOOHOO!

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Earupt gets shredded


We talked about the production of their latest album and the excellent mixing job by Lucas De La Rosa, Earupt’s many metal and non-metal influences (including Prince) and the possibility of a new bassist!

Elusion and Asgaard get shredded


An interview with Domingo and Frederick from Elusion and a review of their show in Asgaard with Lemuria! Domingo and Frederick tell me about the band's many musical influences, 70.000 Tons of Metal and why Domingo has quite a bit in common with Otto the busdriver from the Simpsons!

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Emperors of Decay get shredded

Emperors of Decay

At Devils Rock For An Angel I finally caught up with the Emperors of Decay, a year after they gave me their EP to review! We talk about said EP, the band's future projects and the Emperors' seemingly infinite supply of youthful hormones. Let's go apeshit on a heavy metal overdose!

Enchantress gets shredded


Me and the Enchantress folks talk about the band's early days, their ambition to present heavy metal in new and unusual ways, their love for 1980s heavy metal and we fight over what is the best video game franchise of all time!

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Eternal Breath gets shredded

Eternal Breath

An interview 1 year in the making to talk about an album 20 years in the making! Plus other stuff like Eternal Breath's recent collaboration with Ostrogoth's singer Josey Hindrix and how it's like to be part of several bands at once.

Eternal Breath gets shredded again!

Eternal Breath

I sat together with guitarist Robin and frontman Andy to discuss the making of their latest album “World of Chaos,” sharing the stage multiple times with CAGE and Tim “Ripper” Owens, the strong, solid path that Eternal Breath has walked on since 2015 and the creation of their “Joker” beer! Cheers!<br>

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Evil Invaders get shredded

Evil Invaders

After receiving a cold beer and a warm welcome from the Evil Invaders, me and the folks talked about the impact of the band's success on their lives, their recent trip to Japan (chopsticks galore!) and why the hell they've released their first live video on VHS!

Evil Invaders get shredded again!

Evil Invaders

During my second shred with Evil Invaders we talked about the band’s 4-year evolution, the motivation behind the “Surge of Insanity” live DVD, their epic gig at Wacken 2018 and they offer a lot of honest and inspiring advice for young, aspiring metal musicians.<br>

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Exoto gets shredded


Frontman Chris and I had a lengthy shred discussing Exoto’s new EP “Absolution in Death,” Exoto’s 1996 demise and eventual rebirth in 2016. The band’s new lineup, revitalized sound and future ambitions and we also talked about the successful Metal For Boobies charity festival and about Chris’s late close friends Brett Hoffmann and Didier Mertens!

Experienced?!? gets shredded


I talked to brothers Wim and Kim D’Hondt to talk about the music video I participated in, their performance in Belgium’s Got Talent 2013 and their zero compromise rock n’ roll attitude of dreaming big, make it happen!<br>

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FireForce gets shredded


Meeting the FireForce commanders to talk about cage fighting, an upcoming third album, spaghetti westerns and COMBAT METAL! HUAAAH!

FleXanT gets shredded


I spent a Sunday afternoon together with the FleXanT guys to talk about the band's new year's resolutions, the band members' cool nicknames, Philippe's pizzas and why the name FleXanT tells you all you need to know about the band's style and attitude. In other words, all the right things!

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Freak Factor was shredded

Freak Factor

Nico, and the two Florians were there to answer my questions just before their show at "la lorgnette mons" the time to take a beer, to install the equipment, here we are talking openly about the band, their show and the future.

Grave Digger gets shredded

Grave Digger

Chris "Reaper" Boltendahl and I talked about Grave Digger's recent release and his love for his family and old-school metal. We also shared our thoughts regarding Manowar’s infamous “death to false metal” claim and we talked about olives. Yes, my friend, this was a fun shred! Come get healed by metal! 

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Growing Horns gets shredded!

Growing Horns

I got together with vocalist Dafus and bassist Wim to discuss the band’s origins, the making of their “Nobility of Pain” EP, their spot on the Alcatraz 2020 lineup and we talk about 1984 (the novel).

Guilty As Charged gets shredded

Guilty as Charged

A free concert of Guilty As Charged is something you shouldn’t miss, especially not when they invite you over to eat Belgian fries and drink ice cold beer. And what's the result? An intimate conversation about their latest album called Leap of Faith, dreadlocks, Metallica, porn stars, judo and more!

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Haester gets shredded!


I sat together with vocalist Maarten and guitarist Wannes to discuss things like their appearance at Antwerp Metal Fest 2018, their collaboration with Dunk!Records and the songs their recorded with guest vocals from the likes of Aborted, Brutus and Stake

Hammeramp gets shredded!


Vocalist Dieter and drummer Claude came to me to discuss Hammeramp’s origins and influences, the inspiration behind their freshly released demo single Scars Don’t Fade and their upcoming major gig at Rock Balegem!<br>

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Hardridge gets shredded!


So I sat together with Joe and his crew to discuss Hardridge’s origins and its many musical influences. Also their upcoming single recorded at Dunk!Studios and their other interesting side-projects are put on the Shredder table.

Hell Patrol gets shredded

The Hell Patrol

The Hell Patrol and me go all guns blazing on Judas Priest, sharing our favorite albums from the Priest's catalogue, their experiences in seeing the metal gods play live, Tim "Ripper" Owens and other fun stuff such as Guy's recently opened metal bar Titans Club.

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Hexa Mera gets shredded!

Hexa Mera

Team Hexa Mera and I discussed their recent appearances on high-profile festivals such as AMF and GMM, the fact their 2014 debut album got recorded three separate times and they give some very important advice for young, ambitious bands!

Hitherside gets shredded!


I got together with Jennifer, Sam and their two session musicians Jeff and Steve to talk about the band’s origins, their creative sense of duality, Jennifer’s successful efforts to learn Dutch and their collaboration with Megadeth’s Dirk Verbeuren (and their time backstage with Megadeth in Germany).<br>

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Hope Erodes gets shredded

Hope Erodes

I had a talk with Hope Erodes about fatherhood and whether or not they should be considered an old-school metal band. There was fun to be had!

Hudic gets shredded


We talked about the production of their great “Ne Ergo Dimittas” debut EP, the meaning behind the Hudic name and its multi-faceted style, their constructive partnership with Carnation and their love for deadlines.<br>

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Huracán gets shredded!


I sat together with guitarist Christophe and drummer Tijs to talk about the band’s stacked gig at the Gonzo Bar in Ninove from a week earlier, their live recorded studio session in Trix, their collaboration with Dunk!Records and their inspirations which range from Mastodon and Alice In Chains all the way to hip hop music!

If I May gets shredded

If I May

Me and the If I May guys sat together to talk about the band's beginnings, the addition of Robin as their second guitarist, the band's previous show in the Muze and how effective a well-designed logo can be for a band!

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In Motion gets shredded

In Motion

We discussed the 12-year conception of In Motion, Tom’s sense of structure and catchiness, and he wrapped up the interview with a beautiful inspirational speech. 

Indemnity gets shredded


Indemnity and I rant about the typical frustrastions of life (like having to get up early in the morning) but we also talk about the more optimistic parts of like our mutual passion for metal and we even end up taking our the t(h)rash!

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Infantile gets shredded


At Devils Rock For An Angel I talked to Poperinge thrashers Infantile about their desire to conquer to promised land of heavy metal, their upcoming EP and Midas' talent in pretending to be a right-handed drummer. Plus a full Infantile EP for you to enjoy at the end of the article!

Ironborn gets shredded


When Ironborn played a show near my hometown, I decided to have a talk with them about their newly written material, their favorite songs to cover and Game of Thrones... Winter may not be coming, but Ironborn is!

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John L. gets shredded

John L.

At the awesome FireFest 2016 event I had a chat with John L and his bass sidekick Michel to talk about his band's beginnings and influences, their collaboration with FireForce and seeing Black Sabbath at GMM 2016.

Knives To A Gunfight get shredded

Knives To A Gunfight

FUCK HATE, WE'RE ALL EQUAL! In addition to Carrion I also interviewed KTAG during the Grimm Gent GMM Pre-Party. Although one band member wasn't present to perform or talk, the four other guys were here to talk about native American culture, their love for Van Halen and their even bigger love for their bassist Matthijs and more!

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Leave Scars gets shredded

Leave Scars

Dizzy took a selfie (ha, ha, that rhymes) and together with Ath and Paul he talked to me about mosh pits, Leave Scars' continuous creative evolution, Ath's six-string bass and our mutual opinion about Facebook likes.

Legion of the Damned gets shredded

Legion Of The Damned

I talked with Twan and Maurice about their trip through Russia, their upcoming 10th anniversary tour, Belgian beer and bananas! Food for thought, I'd say!

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Lemuria gets shredded


Only during a conversation with Lemuria can you talk about the band's creative dexterity, their upcoming album, Dungeons & Dragons, Duke Nukem and naked, banana throwing chicks all at once! Hail to the king, baby!

Lethal Injury gets shredded

Lethal Injury

During the excellent second edition of Paul's Metal Fest in venue Den Ast in Heule, I drank along with Lethal Injury and congratulated them on opening up for Anthrax in fall 2015, their taste for originality to write songs about plasic PMD bags and seagulls and Anthony's fertility! So grab a beer and enjoy, folks!

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Lethvm gets shredded!


I sat together with vocalist Vincent and guitarist Mathieu to discuss things like the meaning behind their band name, their participation in the LOUD music program, their partnership with Dunk!Records and their appearances at Dunk!Festival and Durbuy Rock Festival.

Loose License gets shredded

Loose License

During Rock Kappaert 2016 in Zwevegem I had a talk with three locals who call themselves Loose License. We’ve talked about Loose License’s origin story, Mille’s and Pietn’s time as roadies for Anesthesy, evil queens and Satanic monks and a little bit of tourism promotion for the Zwevegem region.

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Malism gets shredded


What better way for me to wrap up Malism's awesome EP release party than to get them for an interview? I had a talk with Nico and Valo about their band's origin story, their well laid out plans for the future and their talent for stylish improvisation!

Mantis gets shredded


A conversation about selfie stick dick punching? Yup, this is gonna be good!

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Marianas Rest gets shredded!

Marianas Rest

We got in touch with Jaakko & Nico to talk about their signing to Napalm Records, the making of their new “Fata Morgana” album & the music video for “Glow Of The Edge” and finally the guys offer some inspiring advice to all up and coming metal acts.

Martyr gets shredded


We talked about Rick’s love for Japan (and he gave us several Japanese metal bands to check out), his personal criteria as a WOA Metal Battle Netherlands jury member, his advice for up and coming metal bands and the unique Martyr experience.<br>

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Maverick gets shredded


At WildFest 2017 I had a chat with Maverick's vocalist David Balfour to discuss the advice he learned from his shows with well-established music acts, the production of Big Red and why it’s important for both band and audience to have a great supporting act. And I also compare David to Mr. T! Quit the jibber jabber, fool!

Megasonic gets shredded


The Megasonic guys and me talk about the band juggling between old-school and new-school metal, their upcoming new album and the power of beard! Bombs away!

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Memories Of Old gets shredded

Memories Of Old

Marjolein "Mrs. Metal Shredder" had a chat with founding members Billy Jeffs and Anthony Thompson to talk about the conception of Memories Of Old’s debut album “The Zeramin Game,” their first live gig, the difficulties in making a concept album and their drummer James’ uncredited drum cameo.

Metal Fun gets shredded

Metal Fun

I was invited to Guido's and Isabelle's home to talk about Metal Fun’s origins, how they met each other and they share some of the awesome prices they give away during the Metal Fun Hard Rock Market. Do I have to say more? Check this shit out!

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Interview image of

Mind Patrol gets shredded

Mind Patrol

During the first edition of Paul's Metal Fest I sent an open invitation to all bands on the event's lineup for an interview with me. Mind Patrol were the first to reply and so I ended up talking to these Swiss guys about their love for the Belgian metal scene and whether Swiss chocolate is superior to our Belgian chocolate! Tasty!

Mr. Myst gets shredded

Mr. Myst

I sat together with Atticus Myst and his boys to discuss the band’s love for visual flair and lighthearted amusement, their awesome cover of a classic Elton John song and Lethal Injury’s Joshua Pylyser standing in as Mr. P.<br>

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Interview image of

Mr. Myst gets shredded again

Mr. Myst

We contacted Atticus through Skype to talk about the band’s visual and creative evolution between 2018 and today, the making of their debut full length “We Will Rise” the reasons behind their epic cover “The Look” by Roxette, Atticus’s time with Ostrogoth and he also promotes the freshly brewed Mr. Myst beer!

Nervosa gets shredded


A celebration interview for the Shredder's first anniverary! And what better way to celebrate than to talk with Brazilian's leading female thrash metal band Nervosa?! And we had a LOT to talk about! Their new album AGONY, traffic jams in Belgium and São Paulo, Nervosa's relentless touring schedules, sushi, their show with my friends from Bloodrocuted and singing in the shower! No topic was safe for the Nervosa Shredder tag team!

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NightmareBE gets shredded


The guys and me talked about mixing their debut release Dirt in the legendary Sierra Studios in Athens, their all-kills-no-frills rock ‘n’ roll style and the fact that their drummer, Vassili, looks strikingly similar to a certain Norse god. Time to point the hammer home, folks!

No Return gets shredded

No Return

I met with Alain and Mick to handle tasty topics such as their appearance on Hellfest’s main stage in 2015, their upcoming tour with Cannibal Corpse, the making of The Curse Within and I share with them some of Belgium’s best beers! Cheers!

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Nocardia gets shredded


During Turbofest 2016 Nocardia and I talked about the band's origin story, their ongoing quest for a motivated bassist and how much their hate fasicsm. Plus cameos from Jorg Van Damme from TurboWarrior of Steel and Robin Van Kaaizele from Eternal Breath and Decades of Metal!

October Changes gets shredded!

October Changes

We called up vocalist Wendy to talk about October Changes’ metalcore-inspired origins and band name, the making of “The Decay Of Sleeping Beauty” single and how it compares to their usual work and we talk some Disney stuff.<br>

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Interview image of

Organised Chaos gets shredded

Organised Chaos

The only band in the world that plays Microwave of Belgian heavy metal! What's that, you ask? Check it out here!

Ostrogoth gets shredded


The first interview in the Belgian Metal Shredder's history! A conversation with Mario "Grizzly" Pauwels about Ostrogoth's 2012 resurgence, their experiences in the USA and modern day band promotion. That day, the Shredder's journey began.

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Our Hate gets shredded!

Our Hate

I sat together with Our Hate’s frontman Tom “Lenny” Lenaerts to talk about their new EP “Defiled by Evil,” the band’s origins and inspirations, their victory at the Antwerp Metal Fest 2015 metal battle and Lenny’s various tattoos. Get inked, get shredded!

PatriarcH gets shredded


We talked about the band’s creative evolution during their over 30 year long existence, the making-of Rage Of Gods and Kevin’s exceptionally well “trained” abdominal muscles. 

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Phoenix Rebellion gets shredded

Phoenix Rebellion

Aye, yer landlubbers! Phoenix Rebellion and I set sail towards Ibiza! During the trip we rambled about the band's beginnings and their EP Pirates Of Ibiza as well as their upcoming music video, the Filthy Four of Belgian metal and the manliness of the Manly Man! Avast!

Poseydon gets shredded


I sat together with the entire Poseydon crew to talk about the band’s 25 year existence, the supporting acts they had for the night (Barricade, FleXanT and Bütcher), Alain’s other band Everglow and finally the band members and I share each other’s life motives!

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Primal Creation gets shredded

Primal Creation

We talked about Primal Creation's origins, the making of their “Demockracy” debut, their countless music inspirations and the importance of working together with other bands.

Psychonaut gets shredded


PSYCHONAUT and I bro out about the meaning of life and whether it's better to be born without eyes or without a dick! But don't worry, we also discuss their upcoming EP. ;)

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Interview image of

Psychonaut gets shredded again!


We talked to guitarist Stefan about the making of the “Unfold the God Man” album and the inspiration behind its intriguing artwork, their successful gig at Alcatraz 2019 and he offers valuable advice regarding band lineup longevity.

Putrid Inbred gets shredded

Putrid Inbred

Putrid Inbred and me offer you a tasty treat that consists of the band career up till this point, their quest for a new second guitarist and their appetite for human kidneys and Fried Frenchmen. Yes, Fried French and not even Napoleon Bonaparte himself gets his braces sliced off! Enjoy this gory, campy conversation! PICTURES OF THE BAND IN ACTION WILL BE ADDED SOON.

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Interview image of

Quodac gets shredded


For a debut interview it's a Belgian Metal Shredder made interview ! A Fresh young band from Villers la ville told us what they are and what they do ! let's dive !

Romy Conzen gets shredded

Romy Conzen

I had a drink with Romy Conzen to talk about her various musical influences, the production of her latest album, V For Victory, and why it’s important to be self-critical about your work.

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Sacrilege gets shredded


Bill and I talked about Sacrilege’s return to form in 2012, the production of their new “Court of the Insane” album, Bill’s love for Black Sabbath (and the countless times he has seen them live between 1973 and 2016), the confusion caused between his band Sacrilege and the thrash/doom metal band Sacrilege from Birmingham and finally how they did their very first live gig on a popular British TV show, sharing the stage with none other than the Stranglers and U2.

Serial Butcher gets shredded

Serial Butcher

Kurt, Kenneth and me sat together after the show to talk about their latest album Brute Force Lobotomy and its inclusion in Troma Entertainment's upcoming flick, their participation in the A-Box-Sized-Die art project and the beautifully macabre artwork created by Tony Koehl. Enjoy the meal, folks!

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Shaârghot gets shredded!


Shaârghot and I talked about the band’s beginnings and inspirations, their explosive music videos and equally explosive visual presentation and Shaârghot’s impressive creativity and work ethic!

Shrouded gets shredded


Shrouded gets Shredded! How? By talking about debut EP, their search for talented and motivated people and hyping up their upcoming gigs and freshly written material!

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Skeptical Minds get shredded

Skeptical Minds

A meet-up with Karolina and Michel to talk about Omega Thanatos, Motörhead, Sparta and... acupuncture?! Interesting!

Skinweaver gets shredded


The Skinweaver's disciples and me talk about the band's beginnings, their quest for a record label, H.P. Lovecraft and a fetish for chopped off limbs!

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Solitude Within gets shredded

Solitude Within

Solitude Within and I discuss their recent trip to Spain, their successful strategy of first releasing an album before doing many shows and veteran guitarist JP talks about the three types of music artists.

Sons of Lioth get shredded

Sons of Lioth

Grab yourselves a bottle of Glenlivet whiskey and enjoy my conversation with Sons of Lioth about 80s action movies, their latest EP Judge Hammer and the Sopranos!

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Soul Collector gets shredded

Soul Collector

My chat with Sylvie (Lady Naämah) and Ronny (Lord Mantus) from Soul Collector about their band's and festival's respective origins and their ongoing quest for giving every child in the world all health and happiness they deserve.

Soul-X gets shredded!


I talked to Greg Max about the band’s inspirations, the release of their debut album “The Killing Machine,” their selection of the Belgian bands Traveler and Téras as support acts for this particular gig and the huge camaraderie among Soul-X’s members.<br>

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Spankraght gets shredded!


We called up K, Spankraght’s co-founder, to talk about Spankraght’s origins and the making of their epic album “Thou Shalt Drown in the Blood of Thy Children,” and we also talk a lot about DOOM! Rip and tear, until it’s done!

Speed Queen gets shredded

Speed Queen

In August 2015 I made a promise to Speed Queen to do an interview with them. At Rock Kappaert 2016, that promise was finally fulfilled! A talk about their hotly anticipated EP, the fun and less fun times they've experienced in Italy and the horrors of Belgian traffic!

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Splendidula gets shredded


I sat together with Splendidula to talk about the band’s origins, their various metal and non-metal influences, their creative freedom and I compare vocalist Kristien to Star Wars character princes Leia! Let’s hope the Force is strong with this one!

Spoil Engine gets shredded

Spoil Engine

I sat together with Iris and Gaze to talk about the upcoming full length edition of the Stormsleeper EP, Iris's introduction to Spoil Engine, how useful a drinking straw can be for vocalists, their show at Graspop and Iris's dream of doing a duet with Rammstein's Till Lindemann! Jawohl!

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Stories From The Lost gets shredded

Stories From The Lost

The band and me discussed their sense for cinematic visual flair, their various musical influences and drummer Wout’s Dunk!Records, Dunk!Festival and Dunk!Pressings.

Sulfeet gets shredded


We talked about the origins of Sulfeet and their mascot Teefus, their recently released second EP Dark Ages and the band’s sense of light-heartedness and originality.<br>

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Sythera gets shredded


The third and final interview I did during FireFest 2016. The Frendh power metal guild Sythera guided me through the Cave of Illusions while talking about the band's origins, their upcoming EP, their love for role playing games and their even bigger love for Belgian beer! Cheers!

T.A.N.K. (Think of A New Kind) gets shredded

T.A.N.K. (Think of A New Kind)

What is this "new kind" we have to think of? Raf and Clément will explain it to us. But remember this: when a raven cries, a man dies!

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The Curse Of Millhaven gets shredded

The Curse of Millhaven

The Curse of Millhaven and me travel through the nine circles of Hell to talk about their origins, the Divine Comedy, Vestibule of Hell's production, the Deadly Sins and the Kids of Millhaven. Go pay the ferryman and join us!

The Curse Of Millhaven gets shredded 2

The Curse of Millhaven

Right after their epic performance at the Wacken Metal Battle Belgium finals (May 25, 2019) Glenn "Terra Shredder" and his assistant Anton met with the band to talk about the Curse of Millhaven’s formation and evolution in their 7-year existence and some details about their brand-new album “Thresholds.”<br>

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The MÆNSION gets shredded

The MÆnsion

We talked about their ongoing RÆVOLUTION world tour (including a major gig at the Rocklahoma Festival), the band’s multicultural aspects and the making of the epic “Imagine Tomorrow” music video that you can find at the end of this article.

Thorium gets shredded


I sat together with Dario and Stripe to talk about their first album’s production, the band members’ various musical backgrounds (which range from Djent to Bay Area thrash), and how they got signed to two different record labels.<br>

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Tim's Favourite gets shredded!

Tim's Favourite

Band founding member Jan sat together with me to talk about the band’s main inspirations, how Tim’s Favourite were very close to becoming the supporting act for an Alice In Chains gig in the Trix and we also pondered the idea whether free will truly exists or not!

TurboWarrior Of Steel gets shredded

Turbowarrior of Steel

Booze aplenty in this turbocharged conversation! And also naked chicks on Jorg's drumkit. And also we talked about the band's future plans.

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Vermilion gets shredded


The Force was strong with me and Vermilion as we talked about the band's most recent album, Sentience, their freshly recruited drummer, how they handle songwriting and we discuss Star Wars.

Vicious Nature gets shredded

Vicious Nature

We talked about their late friend Philippe “Wizz” Beauprez, their charity spirit (particularly in regards to dementia) and their desire to remain a fully independent band.<br>

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Visions of Atlantis gets shredded!

Visions of Atlantis

We called vocalist Clémentine via Skype to talk about the production of “A Symphonic Journey to Remember,” her ongoing blog, how she helped save Visions of Atlantis from its demise and finally we talk about sports, literature and food.

Vital Remains get shredded

Vital Remains

My first interview with a non-Belgian metal band. And what a band it was! An intimate conversation with Tony Lazaro about his encounter with Rob Halford, his distaste for religion, Vital Remains' next album and smashed beer bottles!

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Warckon gets shredded


A month after my first interview for this webzine I found my second target to shred in the form of Warckon. Me and Wouter talked about the Big 4 of thrash metal, the changed artwork of Warckon's first album and we the 4th of July! AMERICA FUCK YEAH!

Waves Of Decay gets shredded

Waves Of Decay

Me and the guys talked about their debut EP, Cycloptic, their failed attempt to add saxophone tunes into their previous band, Horny Moses, and their successful attempt to combine a ton of subgenres and influences into a coherent, catchy sound that forms the basis for their current band.

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Welicoruss gets shredded


This Siberian tribe and I talked about Welicoruss’s style and presentation, the trouble they had a week before their show at Hellfest 2017 as well as sharing their tips for success to up and coming metal bands.

When Plagues Collide gets shredded

When Plagues Collide

We talked with WPC about the band’s origins, the making of the “Tutor Of The Dying” album as well as their brand new single “Elizabeth.”<br>

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WildHeart gets shredded


Bandmember Juice and I talked about their self-organized WildFest event, 80s pop culture, the latest Star Wars movie and best of all, Foxx's perfectly trimmed porn stash!

Wolfheart gets shredded!


We asked the mastermind behind Wolfheart, Tuomas Saukkonen, a few questions about the new album "Wolves Of Karelia," the Finnish Winter War of 1939 and his past bands.<br>

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Worlds Beyond gets shredded!

Worlds Beyond

We talked to the band about Worlds Beyond’s formation and the production of their debut album “Symphony Of Dawn” as well as the band members’ various other musical and non-musical activities.