-- Stories From The Lost gets shredded --

Stijn Daneels
November 9th, 2018 I went to my friend Sean’s birthday party at youth bar Asgaard. Since I had the evening shift, I didn’t have the opportunity to see Lethvm and Voidian. Fortunately I arrived just in time to check out the last band of the night, the Zottegem-based post-metal band Stories From The Lost! After thoroughly enjoying their show, I went outside with the band to discuss the band’s sense for cinematic visual flair, their various musical influences and drummer Wout’s Dunk!Records, Dunk!Festival and Dunk!Pressings.

BMS: Hello there! Share with me how the Stories From The Lost began?
Wout: The band began in 2011 and a year later we released our first album called “For Clouds.” Originally we were a fully instrumental band but after some lineup changes (I’m the only remaining founding member) me and the guys here decided to add vocals and samples to our sound. This resulted in our next two albums which are “Impairment” (released in 2014) and “Exoplanet” (released in 2017) The songs on Exoplanet in particular are more vocal-oriented and that opens up several creative possibilities to us.
BMS: What are your main inspirations for your sound?
Wout: We have a lot of different creative influences. I’m mainly driven by post-rock.
Kurt: I take my cues from doom and industrial metal. But my vocal style is more inspired by 90s grunge rock bands like Alice In Chains and Soundgarden. Mathieu, on the other hand, picks his grunts and chops from classic black and doom metal.
Glenn: I share my influences with Kurt’s. Doom, progressive, industrial, the more extreme metal subgenres.

BMS: Personally I think your sound and overall stage performance have a movie-like quality to it. It feels epic and at times a bit orchestral even without the typically orchestral instruments. I also loved your effective use of lightning effects, perfectly timed to the beats of your music.
Wout: Since we originally were a fully instrumental band we wanted to have our instruments, samples and visual effects tell a story that everybody can interpret for themselves. The lightning is especially important to us, because it helps us in creating a larger-than-life atmosphere even in the smallest of music bars. And since you enjoyed our show and even felt it belonged in a movie score, I believe we pulled off exactly that!
BMS: Yes, it was an admirable gig. But imagine you would’ve had unlimited resources to put into your gig. How would such a dream show look like?
Wout: We would love to include smoke effects and pyrotechnics! Certainly not a projector because that would be too distracting. After all, it’s our music that has to remain center stage so we only want things that make our band and music appear even more grandiose. And if Mathieu were here, he would’ve definitely suggested a snow generator! He’s so cold-blooded! Ha, ha!
BMS: Good one! So, what are Stories From The Lost’s future plans?
Kurt: For the moment we’re going to play as many show as we can. We still have the most fun bringing our music live to the people and we love meeting new and exciting folks such as you.
BMS: The pleasure’s all mine. Time for a personal question! What other things you guys do in life aside from being part of Stories From The Lost?
Kurt: My main hobby is drawing and photography. I love being creative, both with visuals and audio.
Glenn: I’m an IT guy and a hardcore gamer.
Wout: I own a record label called Dunk!Records and we also have our own recording studio! I also host Dunk!Festival, a three-day post-rock and post-metal taking place in my hometown of Zottegem. This year’s edition was almost completely sold-out and the following 15th edition will take place May 30-31 and June 1st 2019. Tickets available now! (https://www.dunkfestival.be/) And finally there’s Dunk!Pressings, our very own vinyl pressing plant.
BMS: That’s a lot of post-rock goodness! I’m impressed! So, is there anything else you wish to add before we wrap this chat up?
Wout: Be sure to check out our latest album, Exoplanet, it’s now also available on vinyl, pressed by Dunk!Pressings of course! Check out the A.I. Dreams music video right below the picture!
Kurt: Thank you for spending time with us, both on and off stage! Be sure to stay in touch for our future gigs!
Glenn: How about we take a picture surrounded by Sean and all of our friends?
BMS: Great idea!