-- Infantile gets shredded --

Stijn Daneels
One of the bands I interviewed at Devils Rock For An Angel (October 1, 2016) was the Poperinge thrashers trio known as Infantile! And so right after their show, we went outside to enjoy the late afternoon sun and obviously a "few" beers.

What was on our mind that day? Infantile's ambition to grow beyond the borders of their home region and conquer the promised land of heavy metal, their upcoming EP and Midas' talent to pretend to be a right-handed drummer! Enjoy and be sure to kill what doesn't exist!

BMS: It's been seven years since Infantile began, how did things go thus far?
Sam: I'll begin with a little origin story. Midas and I were classmates in music school and one random day we decided to jam together and thus we got ourselves a band. Lucas joined shortly after and then we went through a string of different vocalists and second guitarists.

Lucas: Eventually we've got so tired of finding a vocalist that we thought that either me or Sam would take on the vocal department. Sam got the part, because he's better in writing lyrics in English than I am! Ha, ha!
BMS: Well, Lucas, I'm sure you'll be able to read this article. And Sam, I find you a well versed singer. Your vocals have a 70s punk rock vibe to it.
Sam: Thanks for the compliment. I've been singing for Infantile for about two years and I feel I've improved my vocal range since then.

Infantile from left to right: Sam Parret (vocals, guitar), Midas Vandevyvere (drums) and Lucas Wyffels (bass).
BMS: How did Infantile's sound evolve over the years?
Lucas: Infantile began as a 70s style hard rock band. As our skill set expanded, we began playing faster and more complex. The Infantile our fans know and love today is a huge upgrade compared to the Infantile from the early days. And we still remain very critical to our own work and improve in whatever area possible.
BMS: I've got to say that a lot of people showed up to support you guys here at Devils Rock. The place was well packed by the time I've got here (which was around halfway during your show).
Sam: Yeah! And I was nearly shitting my pants because me and the guys never expected that big of an audience! It was epic!
BMS: This summer you did a small national tour with Nocardia and Phoenix Rebellion. How did the tour go for the three of you?
Lucas: Actually it was Sam's idea to get several bands from West-Flanders together and go on a little trip through the country! He did most of the preparations.
Sam: Phoenix Rebellion and Nocardia have been close friends with us for years and one day I've got the idea for us to tour together and wrap up every show with a popular local band as that event's headliner. And so we had shows headlined by other great up and coming Belgian metal bands like Lethal Injury and TurboWarrior of Steel. It was a huge success! The local headliners gave our tour sufficient drawing power and we've got to play in several towns across Belgium wherein we didn't play before!

Lucas: It was awesome to expand our fanbase beyond West-Flanders. We've received many positive reactions from people who hadn't heard of us before. I recall that after our penultimate gig (which took place in Antwerp) one guy came to us and said he reminded us from his time when he was in a punk rock band himself. He loved our work!

Midas: That guy still owns me a beer!
Sam: Perhaps it was for the best that he didn't buy us any beer. During the tour we've already had WAY too much alcohol than was healthy for a regular human being! We might've ended up like Jimi Hendrix, Bon Scott or John Bonham.
BMS: Yeah, especially the age of 27 is a particularly dangerous year in the life of rockstars! Anyway, what are Infantile's future projects?
Sam: Next summer we're going to release a new EP. It will also receive a physical release as our debut EP is only available on YouTube.
Lucas: For the moment we've got t-shirts available to buy. They sell pretty well and it won't take long till we've got enough money to finance an album.
Sam: The success of our first national tour gave us a huge motivational boost! We hope to get more gigs around Belgium and neighboring countries! West-Flanders has already fully embraced us and we can't wait to bring our sound to even more people!

BMS: What other locations do you wish to visit?
Sam: China! I once saw a video of Slayer performing in China and the crowd there was fucking crazy! I didn't expect Asian people to be that wild during shows!
Lucas: Germany would also be a really cool place to play in! They've got the second best beers in the world (guess what country's got the best!) and it's a heavy metal haven!
Midas: Honestly, we play wherever we are allowed to play!
BMS: What other activities do you guys do aside from Infantile?
Midas: I've got to know a rapper who also lives in Poperinge and he asked me to play drums for his music project. Nowadays this side project is little active because he's now spending more time with his girlfriend than with his songwriting!
Lucas: In addition to bass I play other instruments like rhythm guitar and clarinet.
Sam: Since this summer I've started brushing off my classic guitar playing skills and I also began learning drums. For two years I also tried my hand at playing piano but I wasn't very good at it. For the moment I study event management.
BMS: Interesting! Is there anything else you guys wish to tell me before we take the band picture?
Midas: I've got a fun fact for you. I'm a southpaw. In other words, I drum left handed. Tonight I've got to use a regular drum kit because of time constraints. It wasn't easy, but I eventually got the hand of it.
Sam: For us, there's no better feeling then going on stage and kicking ass! We're thankful for every moment we've already spent on stage, on tour and with our fans! I feel that we've only touched the tip of the iceberg! So check us out when we play in a venue near you!
BMS: And any other quirky one-liners you want to share with us?
Midas: Keep on shredding!
Lucas: The joys of life appear when you're loaded on beer!
Sam: Get drunk off your ass and stay Infantile!
BMS: Time for a picture, folks!

Infantile - Thrashed (full demo)