-- Bloodrocuted gets shredded --

Stijn Daneels
Man, how time flies. Having been almost a year since I had first met the guys from Bloodrocuted, it was finally time for their turn to be crossed off the Shredder’s List. After seeing them opening up for the Polish black metal machines by the name of Christ Agony at the Elpee in Deinze (October 3, 2015), the guys and I decided to go outside, have a drink, a snack and a chat!

And what a chat we had! Switching topics from something as trivial as hair up till the band’s future projects. Giving the band a little lesson in correct English spelling and talking about touring with some of their favorite bands. And let’s not forget: Pokémon! But enough talk, time to take out my poké ball and yell: GO BLOODROCUTED!

BMS: I want to start off by saying thank you for allowing me to pick a song tonight. I admit, I was genuinely surprised by your offer!
Jason: No problem, Stijn. It’s a little gift we give to our loyal fans.
BMS: Great, but what will you do if you’re in a room filled to the brim with those loyal fans? What will you do?
Jason: Simply playing all of our cult-classic songs.

Bloodrocuted’s current lineup from left to right: Daan Swinnen (bass), Sander Vogt (drums), Bob Briessinck (vocals and guitar), Jason Bond (guitar)
BMS: Not a bad idea. You already have a few very memorable songs, like Mors Indecepta from your latest album, the song I chose. You know, it has been no less than eight months (last time I saw Bloodrocuted was in Aarschot in February) since I last saw you guys. What have you been doing for all these months aside from the fact that the both of you are growing out your hair?
Jason: We did a tour through the UK and in the meantime we’re working hard on our third album. We’ll be releasing a demo for that album this December. I can also tell you that we kind of redefined our band.
Daan: Quite frankly, we have been through a few rough moments with issues both internally as well as externally. However, we survived this low-point in our Bloodrocuted career and we’ve become even closer as friends and stronger as a band. You’ll notice that when you’ll be listening to our newest songs. They are heavier, more mature, more atmospheric and we all are more satisfied with them overall.
BMS: I’ve got to mention that on my letter to Santa Claus. Or you know what, Jason? You already look a bit like Santa with your fluffy hair and beard, you can come over to my house and drop the demo tape right at my front door! Ho, ho, ho!
Jason: I’ll take care of that!

BMS: OK, enough about Christmas (we still have Halloween to celebrate). One difference I immediately noticed between Doomed to Annihilation and its successor, Disaster Strikes Back, are Bob’s vocals. He sings a lot harsher in the latter album. Did Bob himself come up with that change?
Daan: We all had more or less the same idea about changing the vocals. You know, when we did DTA, we had little to no clue as to how we wanted to sound as a band. Since the beginning we’ve had a lot of death and black metal influences, which you can hear more clearly in DSB while DTA was more of a thrash metal album. For DSB we wanted to have lower-pitched vocals and typical death metal guitar riffs.

Jason: Bob has also grown up, which of course has changed his voice. No kidding, we recorded Doomed when we were fifteen years old! Disaster was recorded when we had hit seventeen. It may have only been two years, but it made for one hell of a difference!
BMS: I agree, I myself was also a very different kid in my late teens compared to my mid teens. A little less shy and faster growing facial hair! Another thing I saw on the DSB album is that you recorded it in August 2013 but you only released it in February 2015. That’s a year and half time in between! What happened?
Jason: It actually should have been August 2014. You found a typo.
BMS: AHA! And not only that, but I also saw a spelling mistake in the lyrics of Consumer of Death. You have written poLution instead of poLLution. And I’ve got a degree in languages! DIEEEEE!
Jason: Eeeh, you better talk to Daan about that!
BMS: Ha, ha, I was just overacting, it’s no big deal. The music is great and that’s what counts! So thy sins art forgiven, my sons! Speaking about music, could you guys tell me your individual favorite tracks to play during a gig?
Daan: For me, it’s Soul Claimer. 
Jason: I also love playing Soul Claimer as well as Burning the West. We consider these two songs as the best tracks on the disc. For us, they offer the listener the most accurate representation of Bloodrocuted’s style.
BMS: This year you’ve recruited Sander as your new drummer. How did you meet him?
Jason: Back in March, shortly after we had finished our first major tour (supporting Angelus Apatrida, Dr. Living Dead and the Suicidal Angels) our previous drummer, Gaëtan, came clean to us and said that he didn’t like touring and that he had more important priorities rather than playing with Bloodrocuted. We already knew Sander since we're friends with him and his other band called Deserter and we simply asked him if he was interested in joining our ranks. He accepted right away!
BMS: I already saw him perform with Deserter during the punk-metal crossover event Öiljst Ömploft in March this year. I found them very enjoyable to see and I already have Sander’s autograph shining on my copy of the band’s Chernobyl’s Beauty album. So he's no stranger to me either.
Daan: As you may know, Deserter is working a new album. Bob is working on the vocal parts. I myself have already listened to a few of the tracks and they sound awesome. I’m sure you’ll be pleased with it.
BMS: Well, I can tell you (and my readers, of course) that Deserter is a name standing high on the Shredder’s list.
Jason: On a side note, both Deserter and the recently retired band Prematory were the two main bands that inspired us to play thrash metal.
BMS: Yeah, I also was very sad when I heard the news of Prematory’s retirement. I still have fond memories of their performances. And I’ve got their final CD, Corrupting Influence, autographed by these fine folks. Something else, as we talked about earlier, you did a tour with the Suicidal Angels in spring this year. How did that came to pass?
Jason: I’ve been a huge fan of those Greek thrashers for years and I already knew the guys pretty well. One night I and the SA guys were spending time and drinks in the bar Little Devil. They told me they were planning a tour for next year and I offered Bloodrocuted to them as an supporting band. In September last year Orpheas, SA’s drummer, called me and gave me an email address for me to write a mail to and he guaranteed me that we could open up for the other bands during the first part of the tour. And the rest is history!
BMS: I attended the gig you did in Aarschot with them. It still remains one of the most fun gigs I’ve had this year. For me, it was mainly to see Angelus Apatrida again. But then I read that you guys were going to perform there as well so that was a great extra.
Daan: Oh, we don’t remember much about that night. We drank a ton of beer and even bought kebab for the Suicidal Angels guys.
BMS: Are there other bands who you would like to tour with (again)?
Jason: Angelus Apatrida and Suicidal Angels are definitely two bands we wish to tour with again. And yeah, touring with thrash metal giants like Slayer, Exodus or Anthrax is every thrasher's wet dream!
(And while Jason was talking, Bob and Sander returned from the snack bar with fries, doughnuts and other tasty junk)
BMS: Ah, enjoy your meal, buddies! Now, for some more person specific questions. Jason, you first! I read on your band's website that you joined Bloodrocuted a few months after Bob and Daan had founded the band. How did you got recruited?
Jason: Well, I’ve known Bob since high school and at first I worked for Bloodrocuted as a roadie. They were pleased with my work and promised me that I could become Bloodrocuted’s guitarist as soon as I was capable enough to play guitar.
BMS: Now your turn, Bob. I read in an earlier interview that you had guitar lessons from Dave Hubrechts (former Diablo Blvd.). How did you get to know him?
Bob: He gave guitar lessons in a music store in Mechelen. I decided to attend one of his classes and I introduced myself to him, telling him that I wanted to improve my guitar skills as Bloodrocuted had just been founded. He said he was a member of Alex Agnew’s band Diablo Blvd. and I was surprised to hear that. Two years after I first met him, we released Doomed to Annihilation. And since then we have become close friends. Dave is a really nice guy.
BMS: You know, Jason, I still have another question for you. Do you have an idea about how long you want to grow your hair out?
Jason: Ah, I don’t know. I’d say until I have enough money to afford a haircut.
BMS: I don’t mind. We’ve been to a huge financial crisis so we all have to economize one way or the other! Speaking about hair, Daan, I read in an old Facebook post (which suddenly jumped to the top of my personal news feed) that you once wanted to grow dreadlocks. Why didn't you grow that out?
Daan: I’m actually strongly balding.
Sander: Yeah, he’s shining more and more as the years go by!
Daan: Ok, now seriously. Back when I considered growing dreadlocks, I wasn’t very big into metal. In those days I listened to nu-metal bands like Limp Bizkit and Korn. And of course I wanted to mimic Jonathan Davis’ hairstyle. But now, in all honesty, I really dislike dreadlocks. Now I’m just growing my hair out.
BMS: Ok, I’m sure no Bob Marley lookalikes will be offended by that remark. Now, back to you Bob, I know you’re a big fan of Pokémon. Share with me some of your earliest memories with the likes of Pikachu?
Bob: When I was six or seven years old, I visited a local game store and I saw both Pokémon Yellow and Spyro 2 for the Game Boy and PlayStation respectively. I had a little dilemma back there as to what game I wanted my parents to buy for me. I eventually chose Spyro because I preferred playing as a dragon instead of a yellow mouse! A few years later I got to know Pokémon by watching the animated series on TV and I was truly sad that I didn’t chose Pokémon Yellow that day. Eventually I bought Pokémon Yellow second hand and instantly fell in love with it! Now I own virtually all Pokémon games.
BMS: My personal earliest memory with Pokémon was playing Pokémon Red on the good old pea-soup filled Game Boy brick. I also was a big fan of the animated series. I remember me and a friend acting like we were Pokémon. During playtime in elementary school we pretended to spit fire or throw lightning bolts at each other. After my elementary years I didn’t follow Pokémon for several years. But now I’ve got Pokémon X (while my cousin has Pokémon Y) and we are training our Pokémon in preparation for an epic confrontation!
Bob: Nice, I personally don’t really like Pokémon X and Y compared to the earlier installments. As you know, with Pokémon X and Y Nintendo made the jump from 2D to 3D Pokémon battles and I find the 3D look of the Pokémon pretty lackluster.
BMS: I see. What are your future plans, aside from the demo you’ll be releasing in December?
Jason: We’re working hard on creating our third full-length CD, showing off our new and improved sound. The new Empire!
Everyone of Bloodrocuted: THE NEW EMPIRE, REBORN IN FIRE!

BMS: What? The title: The Empire strikes back! was too cheesy or something? Ha, ha! Well, that’s all the questions I wanted to ask. Is there anything else you guys want to say to the Shredder’s Army?
Daan: Keep on shredding, man, and drink another bourbon!
Bob: I suggest you stick to soda and water for the rest of the night, Stijn. You still have to drive.
BMS: You’re right, Bob. That’s what friends are for. Keeping each other clean and safe.
Jason: Don’t forget that we’ll be doing a Hammerhead benefit concert on December 5, 2015 in Westmalle. Be there!
Sander: I actually have very little to add to this interview without repeating the same stuff my colleagues have already told you. I can only tell you that Bloodrocuted will be needing a new drummer soon!
The other Bloodrocuted guys: WHAT?! (everyone looks angrily at Sander)
Sander: (breaks a sweat) I was kidding! I was kidding! I’m still drunk from celebrating Germany’s national holiday today! Jawohl!
BMS: All right! That’s a wrap, folks! I see you all soon. And this time, it won’t take eight months for me to meet you. I promise you that!

Here's a track from Profanity, a demo Bloodrocuted released a few months after this interview.