-- Skinweaver gets shredded --

Stijn Daneels

I was invited by WildHeart's guitarist Foxx to come to his birthday party at JC De Splinter in Roosdaal on November 26, 2016. Among the bands that played there were WildHeart (obviously), Malism, Indemnity (man, it was great seeing these guys again) and Skinweaver. And Skinweaver was the only band of the event I hadn't shredded before!

And so in between the Malism and WildHeart shows I went outside with the Skinweaver's disciples to talk about family friendly stuff such as the band's beginnings, their quest to find a record label, H.P. Lovecraft and a fetish for chopped off limbs!

Remember when I promised this interview would be family friendly? I lied!

BMS: Hello there! I'll start off by congratulating you for tonight's show on part of the entire audience. Your vocals and guitar riffs in particular deserve much praise! Especially the guys from Indemnity were very happy with your performance!
Skinweaver: Thanks!
BMS: Now tell me how the band came to be?
Sven: Geoffrey and I have been friends before we started Skinweaver and one day I attended Geoffrey's black metal band called Kettersbloed (Heretic's Blood) in which he did guitar and vocals. I noticed that his vocal skills stood head-and-shoulders above his guitar play so I asked him to join me and my friend Billy on this new music project.

Sven: However, Skinweaver has had a rough road to become the band it is today. Over the past three years we've had three different rehearsal rooms and six lineup changes! Even our follow founding member Billy left the band.

Geoffrey: Indeed, first we rehearsed in Lokeren, then in Ghent and now in Wondelgem. The Skinweaver killed three bass players and two guitarists until he was eventually satisfied with the lineup you see today. These deaths were mainly caused by lack of serious loyalty towards the band. But now Sven and I can proudly tell you that we've finally obtained a talented, stable Skinweaver lineup that consists of five talented and motivated guys.

Pablo: When I began here at Skinweaver I played guitar and afterwards I asked my best friend Lucas to play bass. Which he accepted. Furthermore, tonight was Kevin's first gig with the band ever since he replaced Billy on guitar.
BMS: Hey there, Kevin! Did you enjoy tonight's show?
Kevin: It was fun! A sweat-soaked, stage-light flashing slugfest and it was fun! I fucking love it! And did I mention it was fun?
BMS: I kind of lost count. How did you join Skinweaver?
Kevin: Like the other guys here I enjoy wasting my weekends drinking at my favorite bar. I was interested in joining a death metal band and one day I met Pablo and he asked me if I were interested in playing guitar for Skinweaver.

Pablo: And in four months' time Kevin learned all the Skinweaver's tales. Which is a damn great achievement compared to the guys that came before him!

BMS: I've listened to some of your songs before tonight's show and I noticed you guys have quite an appetite for blood and gore!
Geoffrey: Yeah! I write the lyrics for the Skinweaver songs and I mainly get my ideas from classic black-and-white horror movies from the 1960s and 1970s as well as videogames. The last two songs we played tonight were Knee-Deep In The Flesh and Kingdom of Hexen. Based on the videogames DOOM and Hexen respectively.
BMS: Awesome! I'm a huge of those 1990s shooter games! Just like any other boy who grew up in the 1990s I spent way too much time playing the shareware version of DOOM.
Geoffrey: Yeah, me and Pablo too! Although I've got to admit that I'm still holding back in the gore department. Our goriest song is called Apotemnophilia, discussing the psychological disorder of the same name in which the patient has a desire to amputate body parts! No matter if these parts belong to him or not! Yup, pretty fucked up stuff.

Geoffrey: Aside from the gory themes our songs are always told from the perspective of the Skinweaver, a bloodthirsty psychopath inspired by slasher film characters like Jason Voorhees, Leatherface and Michael Myers. And like those famous fictional serial killers the Skinweaver keeps coming back to kill again!
BMS: How would you describe the Skinwearer's killing pattern?
Geoffrey: The Skinweaver slaughters everything in sight using old school heavy metal and black metal beats as his tools of murder and he growls modern death metal vocals during his killing sprees!
BMS: Tell me how your debut album, Into The Realm Of The Skinweaver, is coming along.
Sven: Our CD is fully recorded and mixed but we're looking for a label to distribute the album. We're planning to contact Massacre Records, FDA Records and Seasons Of Mist and hopefully we'll get in touch with them or with any other label who's interested in our band.
BMS: What are the Skinweaver's future plans?
Pablo: We want to do as many shows as possible and get our debut album out of the door ASAP. We're also writing new material. Most of the songs on the Realm Of The Skinweaver album were written by Billy but since he's no longer part of the band you can expect some different themes although they'll still remain suitable for a death metal band. Geoffrey and I certainly want to write a song or two about the stories written by H.P. Lovecraft. I devoured his books.

Geoffrey: I've got an image of the Lovecraftian deity Cthulhu tattooed on my shoulder.
BMS: Awesome! I've played a couple of H.P. Lovecraft inspired adventure games in the past such as Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Comet, Prisoner of Ice and Dark Corners Of The Earth. (You can buy the first two games on GOG.com and the third one on Steam).
BMS: What are your other interests aside from ripping and tearing with the Skinweaver?
Pablo: Lucas and I also play in a thrash metal band called Cizin. I also consider starting a prog metal band with a friend of mine. At the moment I'm also working together with the band Deserter to get their new album out of the door. And I'm aiming to get a degree in IT. Yeah, I'm nerdier than I look.
Kevin: Just like Pablo music is my main passion in life.

Geoffrey: I'm a huge black metal fan. As Sven said before I used to have my own black metal band called Kettersbloed and I hope to one day form a spiritual (and more successful) successor to that band.
Sven: I play in a black n' roll band and to keep myself in shape I often go running and cycling. And like the other guys I have a deep passion for music!

Pablo: Look who's showing up! THE bassist of the Skinweaver!
Lucas: Hey there! Can I join in?
BMS: Sure Lucas, what do you do aside from hanging out with the Skinweaver?
Lucas: Aside from Skinweaver I do bass and vocals for the thrash metal band Cizin although my buddies here think my Skinweaver backing vocals are better. Although at Cizin I can sing about beer!

Pablo: All I can tell you is that we're fully dedicated to the Skinweaver's bloodlust! We're close friends and we only bring out material where all five of us can find ourselves in!
BMS: Yeah, I saw you guys were having a fucking blast on stage! You didn't just play the music, you were living through it! And I believe that's one of the main ingredients for a successful music act. When the band members share an equal amount of friendship and dedication among each other you can feel that in the music they play.
Pablo: I couldn't have said it any better myself!
BMS: And is there anything else you want to tell me before the Skinweaver is going to kill me for doing a shitty interview?
Lucas: Thanks for the chat!
Pablo: Be sure to get our debut album!

Geoffrey: Should anyone record labels read this interview then don't hesitate to contact us! We'll make it worth you a while!

Sven: Thank you for your time!
Kevin: I wonder where I can get some fries! I could eat a fucking horse!
BMS: Let's first get the obligatory picture out of the way.

Skinweaver - Bastion Of Butchers