-- Poseydon gets shredded --

Stijn Daneels
I first encountered the thrash metal band Poseydon in late 2016 when I received their album Masterpiece from Hardlife Promotion. A year later, the band invited me to come over to their 25th anniversary concert at Partymakers Gent on September 30. And so before the event began I sat together with the entire Poseydon crew to talk about the band’s 25 year existence, the supporting acts they had for the night (Barricade, FleXanT and Bütcher), Alain’s other band Everglow and finally the band members and I share each other’s life motives!

BMS: Congratulations on 25 years of Poseydon!
Alain: Thank you!
BMS: Now tell me how the band has evolved over the years.
Alain: I started Poseydon along with a group of friends in 1992, when I was just 20 years old. It wasn’t my first music act, as I had played before in a little band called Disagree. After a few years of gigs and finding our way musically we released a demo called With Tears In My Eyes in 1998. However, Poseydon went into hiatus shortly after that demo was released because three members from Poseydon’s lineup at that time left the band and the music scene entirely. I understand and respect their decisions, after all, being part of a music act takes up a lot of your time and dedication and some people of course want to focus more on building a house or raising a family. So around 2007 I reestablished Poseydon with Ward Van Izegem and with Jeroen here. Together with Ward and Jeroen I recorded the Cold World EP in 2011. Afterwards Ward left Poseydon and I eventually recruited Christoph with whom I recorded our 2016 album Masterpiece along with Jeroen. And now Jeff and Bart are the band’s freshest recruits.

BMS: And today you’re celebrating your 25th anniversary and you’ve brought along some great supporting acts with you. How did you make your selection for your support?
Alain: The original idea was to only go for bands that, like Poseydon, were established more than 20 years ago. However, that plan was scrapped because of budget constraints. I did manage to get my old friend Philippe Tack from FleXanT on today’s show. Although FleXanT is a pretty young band it’s actually a reincarnated version of Philippe’s project from the 1990s called Essatic. Poseydon’s promoter and friend Renald D’Hondt suggested to ask Antwerp speed metal band Bütcher to come over to play which they accepted and finally I’ve played with metalcore act Barricade in the past and found them a great band, so I asked them as well. Overall, I’m very pleased with the supporting acts for tonight’s anniversary concert. They’re all very talented and their respective styles fit very well with Poseydon’s sound despite all of them having their unique strengths and characteristics. Metalcore, death metal, speed metal, thrash metal, it’s all on offer here, baby!
BMS: So last year you brought out Masterpiece, your first full release. What are your future plans?
Bart: Working on new material of course!
Alain: That’s right. We want to release a new Poseydon album within the next three years. We now have a stable, talented and motivated lineup and I look forward to writing new songs and jumping back into the studio!
BMS: I’m curious already! I had a lot of fun listening to Masterpiece! So, what other things do you guys do in life?
Jeroen: Before I joined Poseydon I played in an old-school thrash metal band called Court Of Chaos for about ten years until the band, much like Poseydon back in the day, disbanded because of my colleagues’ changing priorities. Other than that, not very much, I now dedicate my spare time towards Poseydon.
Christoph: During my early years with Poseydon I also did vocals in a rock and metal tribute band called Lions, we frequently played at my local biker club. It was nothing significant and was mostly a hobby which I eventually abandoned in favor of Poseydon.
Jeff: I also have previous experiences as a musician as well, I played drums for classic heavy metal band Gitaron and thrash metal band Objector. In addition I’m a true music lover and I frequently listen to music at home as well as rehearsing songs on my drums. I’ve got ambitions to become a session drummer. I practice various subgenres including heavy metal, thrash metal, death metal and even classic rock.

Bart: In the past I played guitar with Exoto until I joined Poseydon. Like Jeff I also enjoy exploring the wonderful world of music.
Alain: Aside from Poseydon I also play guitar in the symphonic metal band Everglow with my wife Cindy on vocals. Everglow started after Poseydon disbanded in the late 1990s. Cindy did vocals for a few Poseydon songs including the track “Thief Of Dreams” which was included on the compilation album Detonation II (released by Tessa Records in 1994). Over the years Everglow has become a well-established act and in 2015 we released Everglow’s first album called Destination. Nowadays all my time is dedicated to those two bands. I love playing in both of them despite their styles being exact polar opposites of each other. One of them is grinding thrash and death metal, the other is magical symphonic metal.
BMS: Well, I can already guarantee you that Everglow will be shredded in the future!
Alain: Good, Cindy and I are already looking forward to it!

BMS: So do I. Now, I’ve read on your website that you guys have your own life motives. Let’s share them, shall we? I’ll start with you, Alain!
Alain: My motive is METAL FOREVER! I believe that you’re born a metalhead and therefore will stay a metalhead for the rest of your life. Back in my teenage years I listened and practiced a lot of Slayer songs (particularly stuff from Reign In Blood and South Of Heaven) and to this day I still love being part of the whole metal scene. Metal is in my blood and it will remain there until my dying day!
Bart: My motive is YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! I believe that you should always aim to expand your world by meeting new people, discovering new and exciting music and just feeling alive and kicking!
Jeff: My motive is REAL MUSIC IS JUST A MATTER OF PASSION, TALENT & MOTIVATION! I believe that a true artist is someone who lives and breathes through the music he/she plays. When you’re really passionate about something, no matter if it’s playing in a band, running a fanzine or some other hobby or job, if you’ve got the passion then you’re willing to put in the time and effort that’s required to become successful. It’s that simple!

Christoph: My motive is NEVER TOO LOUD, TOO HARD OR TOO FAST! I believe that when you’re enjoying a particular music act then you shouldn’t hesitate to turn up the volume! Be loud and be proud!
Jeroen: My motive is SCORCHED EARTH! I believe that you shouldn’t take any shit from anybody. If you truly believe and are passionate about something, then you’ve got to be willing to defend it! Leave nothing over for anybody to use against you!
BMS: And my motive is WHERE THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY! AND IF THERE’S NO WAY, MAKE ONE! I believe that line says it all! Ok guys, time for a picture!

Poseydon - Blind Faith