-- Freak Factor was shredded --

David Hardy
It's a little bit by chance that I had the chance to know them but frankly, here is a group that you can without any problem go to see or make come if you are an organizer! Although the interview was done before the concert, I can promise you that I don't regret my visit for a single moment! Real stage beasts, especially their charismatic leader and singer Nicolas Vincart.

BMS: So hello to the three of you, are there normally only three of you?
Uh, no, there are five of us normally, but not everyone is directly available so...
BMS: So, they're not totally available now, why don't you tell us where we are and what's going to happen soon.
So here we are at the lorgnette de mons, we are preparing to give a live at 9:40 pm after the band Quodac and our bass player who plays in Quodac is preparing his set, and we have no news yet of the rhythm guitarist (laughs) who will certainly arrive incessantly soon ... we are hopeful! (laughs)
BMS ??????
So my band is called Freak Factor we are from Charleroi and I started the project six seven years ago now, and I wanted to start a project here in the Mons area when I was at university here, but as time went by I had different line ups and finally, three four years ago, I found the guys here! 
BMS: And what style do you do?
We do more exactly now we know a little more, neo metal, metalcore, 
BMS: and you are close to ?
We have a lot of influences, I started with all the 80s heavy metal bands from the 80s and I escaped with everything that is grunge, neo metal, a bit like linkin park, metalcore with bullet for my valentine for example, ...
Florian Benis : I'm more weird in the band because I come from power metal with also 80s roots, we have a lot of common points in that, so I started with everything that was sabaton stratovarius, real power, and then I did other styles, pink floyd, and by discovering freak factor I started to be interested in bands a little bit more modern like bullet, parkway drive, all that kind of more modern stuff simply,
BMS: and you didn't tell me what instrument you play: 
So I'm the solo guitarist of the band
BMS: Just before that it was you, you are the singer
I'm the singer, yes
BMS: Strangely the singers are recognized, right?
I don't know what you're talking about (laughs)
They have a good face! 
BMS: And so Florian, who stands straight, so the drummer!?
Yes, that's it! I started to listen to everything that is 80s like Nico, but I was more metallica, guns, and when I started the drums I often played hard rock, AC DC, scorpions, the classics! but in the meantime I also listened to neo metal like linkin park or system of a down, slip knot, the classics what
BMS: So what was the trigger that made you turn to your current style?
Nico : Well, let's say that I came here a few years ago with my first tapes, it was a hard rock style, a bit grungy like that and then as we got to know each other, we learned to play together, We learned to play together, to understand the needs of each one in the band and that's how we were able to find our own style and to get this very neo metal, experimental metalcore identity but still keeping the clear vocals because I'm very fond of clear vocals, I also like the growl but I absolutely wanted to keep this part in the composition.
BMS: You didn't do this growl part!
Nico: Yes, ... well, I do some of it. In fact, if you want, I do the low and the mid and Rémi, my bass player, accompanies me in the chorus and some passages, but he also does the high scream in some more violent moments!
BMS: How far along are you in the recording process?
Nico: Well, there is some work in progress! ...
BMS: I saw that you were available on spotify!
Nico: Exactly but the little annecdote is that it's not yet our new EP which is officially released today 
BMS: Congratulations! 
Nico : So our EP detachment 2.0 will be on sale after the live and we will obviously put it on the platforms soon 
BMS: Yes, because we didn't receive the email that it was coming out so watch out (laughs)
Nico: "lesson learned for the next time!
BMS: So, what is planned, how long is the show?
In principle we plan to kick ass for about 45 minutes 50 minutes
BMS: Are you touring exclusively in Belgium?
For the moment yes, in Wallonia, for the moment, but we are looking elsewhere too, we know that in flanders they are big fans of the style so why not obviously! 

BMS : don't you have the impression that there is more of an advantage on this side (Belgium) and that it's a little bit poorer here (Wallonia) ?
Well yes, I think that the metal scene moves a lot more in flanders than in wallonia, that I think it's not complicated to see! but let's say that here we launch ourselves more and more in dates and I think that it's not impossible that one day we'll find ourselves in flanders... by one way or another!
BMS: so we will have to contact you!
Absolutely! (laughs)
BMS: and so what are your media / networks?
We have a facebook page, we also have an official instagram freak factor, we have these two pages there to follow us so
BMS: The next dates?
The final of l'envole des cités because we were selected for a springboard 
BMS: And you don't tell me about it? You should be proud of it! you should tell me about it and you don't tell me about it!? (laughs) man! Please! (laughs)
Well, three, four months ago we won a springboard at the "envole des cités" in Mons and it's quite incredible because it's not a springboard that is very fond of metal in general, it's more pop or electro bands, but obviously, our performance was good so we were selected ! And here we started a program of a few months with them, of which the elaboration of a new clip which is going to come out soon, and also there is the final of the contest which will take place on November 12th in Mons.
BMS: I guess it's a show accessible to the public 
Yes, of course, the goal here is to bring as many people as possible to support us but, what is well thought and which brings back a little balance in the contest I find it is that each individual is obliged to vote for three groups, it is not, by head which comes for the group in question and I find that it is much more balanced at this level there.
BMS: indeed! ... What can we wish you for the future ?
Baaaah success, a good shit for the continuation! Many concerts, visibility, and especially pleasure because we love to make music so ...
BMS: So that's all I wish you and a good set! Thanks a lot!
Thanks a lot!