-- Quodac gets shredded --

David Hardy
This interview was made the august 25  2022 at "La Lorgnette" Mons (Bergen) 

BMS : Hello, I ask you to introduce yourself and your friends.
Well hello, we are the alternative metal band Quodac from Villers la ville, I'm Rémi, the singer and rhythm guitarist, we have Bryan here on my left who is the bass player, on the other left Jeremy who is the drummer, and on the other left Antoine who is the lead guitarist.
It's the same left!
Yes, but it's the next left, the left of the left of the left
BMS : I suppose because it doesn't show on you that the band is called quodac, because HE has the tee shirt, explain me why the leader doesn't have the tee shirt ?
Well, because the leader is not wearing it yet, and it was a limited edition he made himself ! 
BMS : Ok, so graphic designer too ?
Yes, actually 
BMS : Well then, could you situate me, ... if you had to put quodac in the center and all the bands around it, what would it be ? Known bands if possible?
Well if I had to summarize it would be around System of a down, Braking Benjamin, we are getting closer, we have some tendencies, in the next compositions to prog, a little bit to the dream theatre or to the porcupine tree so here it is, ...

Well no, but basically, as far as prog influences are concerned, we'll be more on the side of procupine tree as Rémi said, DT for me is one of my big influences but I don't have the level !
BMS : It doesn't matter you know (laughs)
No, no, there are not many people who have the level (laughs)
So, apart from DT (laughs), are you going to offer us a set composed of your own compositions or only covers?
We have a set almost exclusively of compositions, and we keep in general one or two covers allowing to put the public in.
BMS : Ok, so how do you choose these covers? Are they things that you idolize or just to set the mood?
Yes, here are the covers chosen while remaining in the style of the band but we chose quite known things to be able to hang up the people with the set since it is a young band which ... that's it ! Strong ambitious but not known, ... we needed to, ... that people remain hooked, and the two covers which are chosen are there for that.
BMS : So you say "young band", how long has it been? two weeks, two years?
So we started in September last year, it's been almost a year.
BMS : Who was it originally? Were you all together already? Have there been any changes? How did it go?
In fact, originally the project came from me, so it's been since the beginning of Freak Factor that I've been with them for 4-5 years, I had some songs that were sleeping on my side and I wanted to interpret them myself on vocals and guitar, so a year and a half ago, two years ago, a little bit in the middle of the confinement, I said to myself I'm going to go for it, I'm going to look for some time to dedicate to it, and I'm going for it, I've known Bryan for a very long time, he had already discovered music and we had already tried to put the bass in his hands, so I said to him "come on, I'll teach you the bass".

BMS : Yes, because you are basically a bass player!?
Hmmm I'm everything! I'm a bass player ...
BMS : Are you a woman? So we have to say Iel? (laughs) excuse me! (laughs)
Musically speaking!  (laughs) so I'm a guitarist, bass player, drummer, screamer singer, and I also do electronic production and
BMS : And you make the coffee? 
And I make the coffee! 
BMS : And back to the basic question ...
(And I do the cooking ! (laughs) ... and so we put the bass in Bryan's hands, he really liked it so we started working with him to learn the basics, then I posted an ad on a facebook group to look for a drummer, and I found Jérémy, we did some tests together on covers like breaking benjamin, system of a down, we had the same vision, the idea of saying "well we are all together to progress, to go beyond our limits, and then we started looking for a lead guitarist, so I did the same thing, I put an ad on facebook, Antoine answered, we met once, we said "let's meet at this place, you learn this song, there's this compo which is gone, there were some who already had the tablature writings, others or there was not I said to him "you have carte blanche", and we started like that very slowly to make our small set of cover and compositions, which at the beginning turned around 30 - 45 minutes and gradually we removed the cover to be able to make only compositions.
BMS : So I didn't notice yet, unlike Freak Factor, that you were present on spotify!
No because as the band is relatively young and it's a pretty important cost, we don't have a demo yet! we have demos that allow us to give a little preview to people who would agree to welcome us, but we don't have a real demo nor an EP yet to be able to sell it, to be able to make it listen on spotify, but it's in the projects of course!
BMS : Ok, where do you tour ? Charleroi, mons, but flandre ? Luxembourg ?
For the moment, no, that's our goal in the long run, I would say our first goal is to be able to do a little bit of all the big cities of Wallonia, Namur, Liège, Charleroi, Mons, to make people loyal so that they can come back and that we can also propose something new so that people don't say to themselves, "Well, I've been to see them 3-4 times, they always propose the same thing, 
So here we are, our first objective is to be able to expand in Wallonia, to be able to record the EP, I would say in the middle of 2023, I think that would be the right objective, and then from there start to build a network, start to create contacts, in Flanders, in Luxemburg, in the north of France, at the German border, and start to expand as far as we can (editor's note: not to spread).
BMS : With your other band (Freak Factor) you had the chance to participate in a contest which apparently works well, do you plan to do contests with this band ?
Of course, it is planned, that in addition to enjoy that we can make recordings of at least three songs next year to be able to present to the flight of the cities.
BMS : Is this a goal for everyone?
(affirmative silent)
BMS : To know that all this has a cost, is it profitable in Wallonia?
Here it is really a project to blossom, and then we will see where it leads us so, we are not at all in an idea of profitability so the important thing is that to be able to make springboards we are asked to have a certain quality to present that at a certain cost and we are going to do everything to put aside little by little and to make the investment in order to be able to grow and who knows one day it will be profitable, but the obejctive for the moment is to take each thing in its time, to take pleasure.
BMS : Can you tell me more about tonight's set?
Surprise! (laughs)
Actually they don't know (laughs) ... we have a list but I don't know who I gave it to!
It's a set where we send the horses from the beginning, then it decreases on more soaring compositions then we finish strong.
BMS : To contact you because it is important, because you say I would like to go further, so for that it is necessary to be able to contact you for maybe new dates! How can we contact you ?
Well we can be found on instagram Quodacofficial. We are also on facebook, we also have all the contact information available with the email address of the booking which is quodac.booking@hotmail.com if I don't say anything stupid but the info is easily found on our facebook page and instagram 
BMS : Ok things to add ? dates that are already planned ?
Well I give appointment to our listeners (ed. readers) in Villers Perwin on September 12 at the Poul'pop festival and we pass at 18:15.
BMS : Well thank you and I wish you a good set !