-- Experienced?!? gets shredded --

Stijn Daneels
On December 27 2017 I participated in the music video of Rise And Fall, the latest song from the Aalst-based hard rock band Experienced?!? After principal photography had finished, I talked to brothers Wim and Kim D’Hondt to talk about the now available music video (hence the reason why I delayed publishing this article), their participation in Belgium’s Got Talent 2013 and their zero compromise rock n’ roll attitude of dreaming big, make it happen!

BMS: Hi Experienced?!? Tonight you’ve recorded the music video for Rise And Fall. I’ve got to say it’s a great sounding tune. It has a catchy, heavy beat and anthem-like lyrics. Gets the blood pumping!
Wim: Thanks, man! We’ve had a ton of fun recording our music video as plenty of people showed up to appear in the video and everyone went fucking wild! And of course, we’ve now also got some media coverage!
BMS: Great! What are your plans for the future?
Wim: We’re planning to release Rise And Fall as both a music video and a single. After that, we’re going to work on new material and also aiming for more and bigger gigs! We want to further expand our fanbase and hopefully fly over the Atlantic and play in America! We’ve already had an interview on the American VH1 channel so we’re no total strangers to the Americans.

BMS: Recently you released a new EP called The Devil In Me. Tell me something about it.
Wim: It was our second recorded release and once again we’ve had a blast! But I’ve got to say that being in this rock n’ roll band with my brother and those other great guys has always been so much fun! Going out, playing our stuff, partying all night long, getting drunk and getting laid!
Kim: That’s right, bro! Over ten years ago our journey together began and since then, we’ve played all around Europe and beyond!
BMS: Tell me something about your most memorable gigs thus far?
Wim: In 2008 we played live for MTV in the Hard Rock Café in Bucharest, in 2010 we competed in the finals of the Global Battle of the Bands in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and in 2013 we had an appearance during a live episode of Belgium’s Got Talent!
BMS: Yeah, I watched the video of your BGT performance on your YouTube channel. How did everything go?
Kim: We were very honored to play on our own national TV, being watched by thousands of people. And we didn’t tone down our music or rock n’ roll attitudes just to make a good impression. Hell, we even jumped up the judge’s table! I’ve got to say that Karen Damen and the rest of the judges were a little surprised to say the least.
Wim: For us, it was business as usual, we got out and provide the audience with a pure fucking rock n’ roll experience! Sure, we might have been a little too heavy and edgy for the politically correct VTM audience, but we didn’t care about that for a second!
BMS: And I’m glad you take zero compromises! Just like true rock n’ roll should be! One more thing, on your YouTube channel is a inspiring video called Dreaming Big, Make It Happen. Explain that video to me.
Wim: It was an idea from our record label Indieplant and we instantly jumped on the bandwagon. It’s a beautiful and inspiring video that perfectly represents our mentality as a band. We’re an ambitious, hard-working and hard-loving band and bring our A-game anytime we play!
BMS: What more do I have to say? Let’s have our fans check out the music video for themselves!
Wim: Sure thing! Enjoy the video!
Experienced?!? - Rise And Fall