About the Shredder

Stijn Daneels

Stijn Daneels

Belgian Metal Shredder

Who I am? I’m just your average bourbon drinking (Jack Daniel’s FTW), band shredding, wisecracking, good looking (I wish) headbanger whose love for all things metal knows no bounderies (just like you!).

Some facts about me:
  • Date of birth: August 7th 1990
  • Nationality: Belgian (Hi there, Captain Obvious)
  • Base of Operations: Mainly gigs in East Flanders, but occassionally in other parts of Belgium
  • Favorite metal subgenres: too much to mention here
  • Favorite metal bands: WAY too much to mention here
  • Favorite metal songs: read the sentence above

I started this website (and at the same time calling myself the Belgian Metal Shredder) in July 2015. In the months before that, I wrote some reviews for the Metal Archives as well as for some other fellow Belgian headbangers. My work was pretty well received and after doing my very first interview (with Ostrogoth’s Mario “Grizzly” Pauwels nonetheless) I thought the time was ripe to create my very own little playground.

Another reason for this site is that I didn’t want to be just another anonymous reviewer. I want to give my articles some spice and personality as well as sharing the spotlight with the bands I discuss in my articles.

On this site I’ll mainly focus on Belgian metal bands because, my fellow shredders, our tiny little country has a lot more great stuff to offer aside from waffles and Channel Zero! There are countless bands that more than deserve our attention and that’s what I’m doing as the Shredder (not to be confused with that famous roided-up ninja who can’t seem to defeat four pizza eating, sewer dwelling reptiles).

So that’s about it! Enjoy the site and I hope to see you, yeah you, who has been reading this page all the way up to this point (or skipped until this part) soon during some random gig. And other than that, keep that head banging and keep them horns fully erect!