Retain the power!

-- Insomnia --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Groove metal
Thrash Metal
Album artists:
Ludo Konikiewicz Guitar
Fred JST Vocals
Roman Delante Bass
Adrien Delgambe Drums

Review written by Stijn "Metal Shredder" Daneels.


My first encounter with the Belgian groove metal band Insomnia was during the Wacken Metal Battle Belgium 2019. While I had heard a couple of their songs during the preselection stage it was only during the semi-finals at the Titans Club in Lens that Insomnia really left a positive impression on me with their Pantera-esque riffs and overall very powerful performance. I successfully voted them to the finals where they competed against the likes of other awesome Belgian acts like Cathubodua, Hunter, Stand For, The Curse Of Millhaven and Primal Creation (the latter being the eventual winners of the Metal Battle) Read our review of that epic contest here: And now, Insomnia’s guitarist and founding member Ludo has offered me to check and review their new single “Regeneration!” Let’s shred this!


“Regeneration” is the newest single from the Liège-based groove metal band Insomnia and will be featured in an upcoming album. The single is released independently and sent to us personally by the band. Merci beaucoup!

Describing Insomnia’s sound isn’t difficult, just think of classic groove bands from the 1990s like Pantera, Lamb of God and Machine Head. While Insomnia’s sound isn’t original to say the least, the band does more than make up for that in sheer natural intensity. The guitars are distorted, the bass is groovy, the drums are fast but rhythmic and the vocals are rough and raw. In addition, the band’s songwriting has improved which results in “Regeneration” being a shorter and tighter song compared to their 2017 material. One thing I do miss in this new song, however, is a guitar solo. I relistened to Insomnia’s aforementioned 2017 material (specifically the “Dark Faces” EP and the “Master of Territory” single) and they featured some beautifully melodic solos and I wish they had included one in this new “Regeneration” single in order to give the song an extra touch.

That being said, I still feel that Insomnia’s new single is a clear improvement over their earlier work, primarily thanks to their improved songwriting, which allows Insomnia’s strengths to shine brighter. Now let’s hope the band will learn from the feedback I’ve just given here and bring together the best from the old and new to unleash their full power into one fully fledged album!


The music video of “Regeneration” features the band performing at the Harley Davidson Store in their hometown of Liège. It begins with Insomnia entering the store and then immediately cuts to the band live in action. The video nicely showcases Insomnia’s typical live-on-stage intensity with all members engaging in furious headbanging and vocalist Fred occasionally breaking the fourth wall by pointing straight at the viewer. I also love how they end the video with a shot of the band members coming together to have a toast and celebrate their freshly made video and saluting the audience for their attention. Well guys, what can I say except, you’re welcome!


7 Harleys out of 10. With this new single, Insomnia has managed to put their usually tight and intense live performances into an equally tight and intense recording. If you enjoy 90s groove from acts like Pantera, Lamb of God or Machine Head then I warmly suggest you to check this one out! Enjoy the single!