Milwall, beer, rock and vodka !

-- Max & the jellied eels inc. --

David Hardy

Album genres:
Hard Rock
Punk rock
Album artists:
Dmitry Lugovskoy Vocals
Pavel Korneev Lead Guitar
Konstantin Mershikov Rythm Guitar
Sergey Chernov Bass
Mikhail Nikitin Drums
Maksim Prokhorenko Producer


OK, a little quiz for the guys in the back who never follow anything! Which team was lucky enough to be able to field Tony Cascarino and Teddy Sheringham at the same time? ... Come on, this goes back to the 1987-1988 season, for example? ... Right? London club? Represented by a Lion! ... Come on! Well, if this really doesn't mean anything to you, ... I can't help you anymore, sorry, ... you can leave the article, ... it won't bother you any more because here we're going to talk about a Milwall fan album! 

Granted, this is a rather unusual review, for one thing, it's punk-rock, not really metal. Secondly, even the story is anarchic in style! Let me explain what I understand.

So he calls up a guy he knows who's been making music for a while, forms a band and comes up with the famous "Let 'em come" punk rock version. It was a big hit, and they went on to release the album that went with it. And you know what! I like it! Let's go for the review!

The match

First of all, and as expected, the famous "Let em come". Logically, without this title, nothing would have been done! ... What can I say? Roy Green revisited but totally in the spirit, I'm all for it! It has to be said that ... we're clearly in a different, assertive style, but we recognize the title, and we have the energy that comes with it, so, for me it's a success !
2/ Fight for Milwall is ... how can I put this? ... an anthem urging fans to get physically involved ... The sound is powerful, the guitars saturated, the tempo boosting the hormones, in short, the eye of the tiger taken a notch higher!

This is followed by a "hymn to sympathy" with "go out"! Lyrics full of kindness, welcoming, filled with benevolent undertones ... or not, in fact! It's raw, and you can tell it's aimed at the rival club!

"Crisis of it all" clearly isn't Shakespear! It's more the antithesis of Shakespeare, in fact! ... the basis of punk, in fact! 

With "Crying sometime" don't expect a ballad! It's a sequel to the previous track ... a catchy, nasty, not-at-all-poetic track, but one that's clearly going to get the better of you! 
Sex delight is clearly going to get hammered by the feminist leagues if it's released here! Personally, I love the title, although it's a bit short, guys! You could have made it a bit longer!

Still on the delicate side, a little thought for the "influencers" with the track "Kill you tonight", which takes a different view from Sting and his "Roxane" ... but the title is very much in the spirit of the album!

Maybe the humorous title of the album, Jenny from bogota tries to make a love song ... it's more fun than other thing! At the end of the night it will stand in your head and in your ears until you'll fall!

We've got a ballad! "Give me all your love tonight" is a real ballad, and ... it works pretty well! ... In any case, all the markers are there! Even the solo sounds are in the frame! ... What can I say, ... I wasn't expecting it any more, but they managed to surprise me with this track! Ok, ... well done guys!

They finish the album with "Milwall", which is exactly THE love song any club would dream of having from its distant supporters! It explains everything that needs to be said, while at the same time being a true heartfelt song. And it's a good song too! Sound-wise, I'd have liked Sergey's bass a notch up front to round things off, but otherwise I'm all for it!

Okay, so here we have a mashup between "the who", "the sex pistols" and "Motörhead", all Milwall-style! With the exception of "Give me all your love tonight", there's no room here for sentimentality or anything a little delicate.  

The after match !

Okay, so we're in the presence of a mashup between "the who", "the sex pistols" and "Motörhead", all Milwall-style! With the exception of "Give me all your love tonight", there's no room here for sentimentality or anything a little delicate.  
Well, let's be clear: the voice here is worn, the range more reminiscent of "Arno" than "Maria Callas", the style is pretty basic and uncluttered, there's no finesse, except for some very nice solos, and it's as raw as can be... punk-rock with sandpaper and bottle shards... but what more can you ask for? It's got to be strong, simple, catchy, and stick in your head! And it does! So I say yes, sir!
For the funny thing, none of them are English ... and I've been saving that for last, because in fact they're ALL Russians! They're fans living in Russia who made this great album in the English style without being English themselves! I applaud with both hands and sincerely hope it will be received in the same way in Milwall!

7 pints of beer out of 10 a bit too bitter for me in style, but very good in what it has to do!