After 23 years, back with a vengeance, Jersey style

-- Fury Of Five --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Metallic hardcore
Album artists:
James “Stikman” Ismean Vocals
Jay Fury Guitars
Chico Violencia Guitars
Mike Terror Bass
Mikey Mayhem Drums

Review written by Glenn Schrijvers.

Who are they?

Fury Of Five is back after hibernating for 23 years they've returned with a vengeance because they're sick and tired of being rarely mentioned nowadays even though they did put Jersey hardcore on the fucking map back in the 1990s and now they're no longer getting the recognition they deserve. For Fury Of Five it's all about respect, nothing more and certainly nothing less. Do or die and chose death above dishonor are key elements for the band.

They don't take shit from anybody and have proved it plenty in the past! With a reputation of fighting with other bands and even booking agents, Fury Of Five has always been force to be reckoned with! For them, you either respected them or they would make you respect them, the hard way!

Fury Of Five rose out of the NJ ashes in 1994 and split up in 2000 but during those 6 short but highly active years they made their mark in the world. They are known for their vicious live sets and toured around the US & Europe with many other bands including Madball, Earth Crisis, Fear Factory and Pro-Pain while younger bands like E. Town Concrete and Second To None got their own recognition thanks to Fury Of Five. Fury Of Five is a Molotov blend of thrash, heavy, hip-hop and good old fashioned hardcore. They released 3 albums: No Reason To Smile (1996), At War With The World (1998) and This Time It's Personnal (2000).

The EP itself

This new Fury Of Five EP called "Half Past Revenge" features 5 tracks released by Upstate Reccords, an American underground label for hardcore and metal founded in 2017 by Mario & Kim Cangemi. We kick the EP off with 'W.A.R. (We Are Ready)’ and I will call this the anthem that marks the rebirth for Fury Of Five. It has a catchy, relentless chorus with aggressive riffs, vengeful beatdowns, harsh hitting cymbals with intense drumming. It brings me back to the era of good old-fashioned hardcore with bands like Hatebreed, Black Flag and Snapcase. Next up is ‘Feel The Reign’ that delivers gang vocals, hip-hop, filthy breakdowns, menacing riffs and all drenched in melody. Caught myself yelling alongside Stikman “If you know you know” that is the power of Fury Of Five it gets your blood pumping!

With ‘Revenge Doesn’t Sleep’ you get punched in the face with the opening phrase “Revenge doesn’t sleep motherfucker” and makes you want to dropkick somebody in the face who just stabbed you in the back! This song has the nastiest riffs of the EP for me and the backing vocals are veracious as hell alongside Stikman spitting out his anger! The breakdown will give you the strength to demand respect from somebody who crossed you! No need for booze or drugs, just put on this tune and you'll be unstoppable!

The next song is ‘Souls In The Soul’ which is the longest of the EP. The song builds up gently with melody and transcends into a furious beatdown of riffs with drums so savage that the drumsticks could break any second! We end with ‘Taste The Steel’ that delivers fast paced drums, brutal breakdowns, aggressive bass and melodic riffs that pack a punch. It is a familiar old school hardcore sound but their sound has evolved during their absence.


'Half Past Revenge' is a 16-minute rollercoaster of aggressive riffs, menacing breakdowns and vengeful vocals. This EP reminds the world that Fury Of Five is still here to prove to us all why they're the hardcore Apex Predators from New Jersey! If you haven't heard of Fury Of Five yet then I really recommend to check them out right now! It's a great appetizer that will most likely make you want to check out their classic material.