You've been metaldjentized!

-- Severals --

David Hardy

Album genres:
Album artists:
Dominik Vocal
Zdenek Drums
Ondra Bass
Jan Guitar

Review written by David "Orcish Shredder" Hardy.

THE question is: is it djent in metalcore or metalcore in djent?

Well, my own answer to that question is that it's metalcore BUT... there is a big "but," in my opinion the basic ingredient of djent  is the saturated bass that drives the whole song. In the case of this Severals album, although it is often placed behind (but not always fortunately) and that one thus does not hear it (always) in the foreground, it is clearly very present (in the construction of the piece) because of the counterweight it provides as well as the tonality imposed to the guitar which will play for one of both rather low notes and in the style of a djent bass. By using a bass and a guitar for the main part rather low notes, that leaves any leisure to the other guitar to strike in the very high notes and soaring, as well as to the voice to caress, or to strike in the fat. One can thus walk on all the metalcore richness while remaining close to the depth and well inked power of djent.  

Note that the breakdowns are useful to calm things down before the storm as much as they are used to swing the bodies around.

With already a certain notoriety, these four guys from the windy Czech Republic take out a very modern metal style which dusts everything and in all the directions! Not only in the music, but also at the visual level nothing is left to chance... it's beautiful, it's well polished... it's pro! Even their little video clip that highlights the work of Ondra (bassist) is pretty damn well done! We learn that it's possible to go shopping with a bass in the back without being arrested for pure madness!

On the musical level it is necessary first of all to place the things in the right order. It's metal, in the first sense of the term and to the least drop of sweat even if electro touches, even electro pop are present and assumed. The voices are sometimes full, sometimes whispered, going from growl to grunt with precision and simplicity... we feel the total mastery of the vocal organ and the perfect adaptation to this particular style! Indeed, Dominik's voice fits perfectly and his message is launched with just as much energy, emotion and power by his teammates musicians! Guys, keep on doing what you're doing because it fits perfectly to what you do!

Note that the three tracks "Resonance," "Dissonance" and "Vibrance" are electronic music tracks that make interludes allowing us to breathe while maintaining a good pressure anyway, maybe opening the possibility for more electro noise tracks? Why not!?
If you hear Thornhill, it's normal, they worked for this album with their producer Pavel Chyška! Once again, they know how to surround themselves with the right elements and people to do things right and I think that it can take them great heights! I also think that Pavel realizes that Severals probably has a little something extra that could take them even further than Thornhill... but that's just my personal opinion.

My top three tracks:

Being rather sensitive musically I recommend the track "Melody - Algorithm version" because it gives a nice showcase of the creative abilities of the band. It's in the musical qualities, as well as in the composition, vocal capacities... everything is there to prove to you that this djent and metalcore mix by Severals genuinely works! The whole mix is served with sensitivity and delicacy (and with a little bit of spice anyway).

The duet with Sinizter entitled "Kafkaesque" is to be played on the radio, that how high the power and energy level is within this track! Right, it may be a little violent for some, there will be heart attacks on the road but well, there is a time to assume that it is also necessary to play pieces like this one that takes off your head with the axe for the pleasure of seeing the blood spurt, right? Right? Oh dear, I thought so!

And for the last one, believe me that it hurts me a little bit because I had to remove "Interlinked" that I find just a rare pleasure to let off some steam... but I couldn't not forgive myself if I didn't mention "Storm" here because it's exactly the kind of track that you need to highlight everything I've talked about so far and that represents perfectly the Severals style!

The other songs on this album:

"Exposed" perfectly combines extreme softness with passages of barely contained violence! It's effective, direct and whereas it's a difficult exercise (to bring these two extremes in the same musical phrase) they manage it very well and the climate from which this emerges from makes it really powerful!
"Terra" is, alongside with "Incinerate" the most "violent" part of the album.
"Crutch" is apparently the title they've chosen as the main track of this album and although it hits hard and right, it's not my favorite track on this "Algorithm" album.

What to remember from this release?

Although they define themselves as metalcore with touches of djent, I would rather describe their style as "djent metalcorised" for the tone and the metal part which is strongly djent! As a whole, their style is a very violent thing but they also know how to play with the softness. It's a perfect mix between the delicate caress of a Hannah Dodd and the slap of Vasily Kamotskiy in shape (fit)... if you see what I mean! In both cases it's beautiful to see, but the sensation is not the same! And they manage to link the two with genuine mastery, with the track "Storm" serving as the perfect example.

Let's make it simple, I understand very well that Severals manages to draw 15.000 monthly Spotify listeners despite them not that big outside of the Czech Republic! Clearly, we have the right to expect to see them on this side of Europe rather quickly because, for me, they are already ready to take on stages accross Europe! What's still needed for Severals to get there is to keep on evolving, chosing the right producer, improving their way of communication (visual and little by little) and I think that Severals is a band which can make it to the top, at least on the European metal scene.

If you think that "Toska" would be better with a singer, that "Parkway Drive" sounds too nice and clean, and that "Novelists" is a bit too much hip hop, and even if you are clearly someone who is looking for the smallest thing, then, you should like Severals! Their "Algorithm" album is one gem of a release worth listening to in its entirety! A very succesful mix between djent and metalcore that I can warmly recommend to fans of both of these seemingly imcompatible subgenres! Now let's hope they'll come all the way here to sign their albums for us!

An 8.99999 "hands down"!