Not so silent anymore

-- Avatarium --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Doom Metal
Album artists:
Marcus Jidell Guitars, piano, cello, keyboards, backing vocals
Jennie-Ann Smith Lead vocals
Mats Rydström Bass
Rickard Nilsson Organ
Andreas Johansson Drums, percussion

Review written by David Hardy.

This is my first encounter with the band Avatarium and it has been a pleasant one! Their new single “God is silent” cuddles the ears so nicely that we want to stay listening even in the morning with a cup of coffee! Singer Jennie-Ann Smith has a vocal tone made me think of Barbara Streisand. Ok, Barbara Streisand is not a metal artist but trust me, Jennie-Ann has a voice that’s just as exceptional and operatic and as metal as it can be.


In case you don’t know Avatarium (unlikely, but still) they’re a Swedish doom metal act whose new single showcases a wonderful snger, crushing guitars, sweeping melodies and a great producer at the helm, specifically the band’s guitarist Marcus Jidell. This first single is meant to promote Avatarium’s upcoming album "Death, where is your Sting" which will be their fifth full-length and will be out on this October 21 via AFM Records.

So, I’ve listened to their new single "God is silent" with a lot of joy even though it's not perfect. We just feel the professionalism on all levels ... it feels like there’s a really good sound engineer who knows how to get all the necessary sounds and emotions across to make this one great song! It features thunderous guitar riffs backed by dreamy keyboards evoking a nightmarish yet seductive atmosphere.

However, the song is a bit too long in my opinion. I would’ve preferred shortening the lengthy solo in the single’s middle part that just feels that it’s there because… I don’t get me wrong, it’s not poorly played but... I don't feel it was necessary for this section to be this long. 4:42 to 5:42 is the part I would cut out because it doesn’t add or change anything to the song except providing a redundant and painful weightiness. Good thing the band wraps up their “God Is Silent” single with the same melodic power as they did during most of this tune.


All in all, Avantarium’s “God is silent” single clearly was an interesting tune that gave me the ideal opportunity to thoroughly look at the band and listen to them... and you know what? I loved it! If the other songs on Avatarium’s upcoming “Death, where is your sting” album are as good as they know how to can be (catchy melodies and with a good balance between vocals and music) I think we’re up for another great Avatarium release. If you enjoyed Avatarium before you’ll probably love this single too but, of course, that’s up to you to decide. Enjoy the single!