Metalcore electronics

-- I Promised Once --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Electronic metal
Album artists:
Flo Vocals
Nils Guitar
Kunio Guitar
Joe Bass
Kevin Vocals

Review by Luk Michiels.

I Promised Once… had their debut in 2014 with a crossover of electro and metalcore who have up until now released three EPs (“New Blood;” “Dust To Dust;” “The Awakening”) and some singles. So what are these Japanese/German guys up to now? It might be a good idea to keep bands as Asking Alexandria; Eskimo Callboy; We Butter The Bread With Butter; Attack Attack!; Capture the Crown; Crossfaith in the back of your head as these are the main influences of the band.

That being said, and you are a fan of electrocore, you for sure know you’re up for a treat. This new single ”Into The Unknown” is metalcore in its purest form with a nice variety of vocals. Meaning that George and Flo (backup vocals at the keyboard) bring you clean vocals (style: We Came As Romans) that seamlessly go over to grunts and screams… Perhaps nothing new in its genre, but the way the stylistic elements are fused, it doesn’t bore out. Expect low tuned guitars with a chorus that nests in your brain and catchy melodies. The breakdown comes at the right times on a layer of electro/techno. “Into The Unknown” is definitely worth listening as it could perfectly the soundtrack of life…

Sadly enough, it’s yet another single and not a full length which keeps you waiting since 2018 for a successor to “Salvation.” Definitely check them out on Spotify!