Moon of Nemo

-- Her Alone --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Symphonic metal
Album artists:
Annika Eronen Vocals
Iiro Inkilä Guitars, vocals, keyboards
Jesse Parviainen Bass
Jyri Mäkinen Drums

Review written by Stijn "Metal Shredder" Daneels.


We were recently contacted by Her Alone’s guitarist Iiro who invited us to check his band’s first single. Both Marjolein “Mrs. Metal Shredder” and I were quick to enjoy the symphonic tunes from this fledging young band and as a result, I didn’t doubt for a second to give the single some well-deserved airplay on Belgian Metal Shredder On Air! And now it’s time for a review!


“Into The Night” is the debut single of the freshly founded Finnish symphonic metal act Her Alone, before the lockdown the band had already managed to gain a solid fanbase throughout Finland and now the band is looking to expand outside of their home country (thanks for thinking about us, we, humble Belgians). “Into The Night” is distributed by the Finnish distributor MDJ (Musiikin Digitaalinen Jakelu).

The single begins with distant keyboards and drums shortly before a short piano tune takes the forefront and finally the single erupts into an outburst of heavy guitars and operatic keyboards. Then the song transitions towards Annika’s angelic vocals backed by sharp bass and eventually it all reaches a powerful chorus. And so the single continues, with each verse gradually building towards the climatic chorus and there’s also a sweet guitar solo to add variety to the overall package.

“Into The Night” reminds me a lot of Nightwish’s iconic song “Nemo.” Both songs feature their main melodies being played back-to-back by both melodic keyboards and harsh guitars, combined with strong yet fragile vocals. That being said, however, I feel this band’s has a more intimate and vulnerable sound compared to Nightwish’s style. Overall, “Into The Night” is a catchy and enjoyable tune that proudly shows off its classic symphonic influences without blatantly copying from the subgenre’s big names and that doesn’t overstay its welcome!


The artwork for Her Alone’s “Into The Night” features a gold-colored full moon against a pitch-black background and wrapped around a gilded border which gives the artwork the look of a window or a painting. Personally, I love the combination of black with various shades of gold. It’s a simple, effective and majestic color palette. Thematically, “Into The Night” deals with leaving behind your fears and anxieties and head into the vast, unknown world. Well, I’m certainly interested in further discovering Her Alone’s symphonic realm, so sign me up for more!


8 golden moons out of 10. A beautiful ballad from a Finnish symphonic metal band not called Nightwish, Her Alone’s first single is well-recommended if you dig symphonic metal or ballads in general. Enjoy the single!