Rock n' roll doom

-- VLOED --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
heavy metal
Doom Metal
Album artists:
Johan Vranken Bass, guitar, vocals
John Van Tongelen Drums, electronics, percussion
Wim Vancauwenbergh Guitar, keys, vocals

Review written by Marjolein “Mrs. Metal Shredder” Deduytschaever.


Stijn “Metal Shredder” had been in contact with the Belgian doom metal band VLOED for some time now. Eventually the band had sent him a physical copy of the debut album “Darkness” and he has now given me the opportunity to shred it in his stead. So let’s plunge into this “Darkness.”


The first song “Daylight fading” is my favourite tune of this album, it has much life into it. The Dutch incantations are very intriguing. It’s a powerful song especially because it’s about the apocalypse but played as a joyful party. Next up is Darkness’s title track which is a stronger song. Like the song’s title suggests, it’s a darker and eerier track that feels deeper and more compelling. The soft speaking, childlike voice make this particular song even creepier.

“De Storm”, the third song on this album is more melodic and upbeat, this is partially so because of the backings. In this song the young voice which provides the backings makes the song a bit lighthearted. The next song, “The prophet (Storm II),” functions as some kind of outro to “De storm” since this tune is fully instrumental and, just like “De Storm,” quite melodic and versatile.

“Blood Moon” is a more psychedelic rock song than a pure metal tune. It’s kind of groovy rock n’ roll but still very dark, just like the rest of the album. The sixth song, “Voices” is a lot heavier than the other songs, it’s much more like a thrash metal tune. The underlying guitar riffs are pretty rough and roaring and the drum beats are very frantic.

“Fallen Angel” is a raw metal song that really makes my heart sing. The vocals are quite grungy and hard but still melodic as usual. The album’s very last song is “The Passage” and has a quite lighthearted feel that forms the perfect ending to an overall rough and dark album.


This VLOED album brings the “Darkness” to my soul, but not in a creepy way but actually in a lighthearted way that I really love and appreciate. With groovy guitar riffs, greasy vocals and a dark but tongue-in-cheek atmosphere VLOED is a great Belgian band that even I, who prefers the happy and epic metal, can fully enjoy. It’s highly recommend to every metalhead looking for a doom rock n’ roll cocktail! Enjoy the title track of "Darkness!"