One world divided in two.

-- Shadecrown --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Melodic death metal
Doom Metal
Album artists:
Jari Jarska Hokka Vocals
Joonas Vesamäki Guitar
Tomi Tikka Guitar
Saku Sacce Tammelin Keyboard
Kalle Varonen Drums
Janne Salmelin Bass, clean vocals

Review written by Glenn “Terra Shredder” Van Bockstaele.

Shadecrown is a Finnish death/doom band founded 2012. “Riven” is their second album, succeeding their 2016 full-length “Agonia” and released through Finnish record label Inverse Records. I’ve always enjoyed a good melodic extreme metal act, so big thanks to our Finnish friends for sending this! Kiitos!

“Riven” begins with the melancholic piano tunes of “Not Until The End,” until the song explodes into a beautiful set of high-octane guitars, majestic keyboards, guttural vocals and an epic chorus! Things take a darker turn in the next song “Lifelong Dying” with harsher, more bass-driven beats and grunts but the tandem of guitars and keyboards still give this song a highly melodic feel. The keyboards take center stage in the following song, “Rain’s Edge,” along with whispering vocals and crunchy guitars in the background. This song also features a sweet acoustic middle section. Then comes “The Ghost I Mourn” which is a faster-paced tune with grinding riffs, galloping drums and only a meditative middle part to cool things down.

“Incomplete” starts off very moody but gradually gets more complex and eventually turns into a rollercoaster of upbeat guitar and keyboard melodies. Then comes “Hate Reflected,” a very multi-layered tune wherein the growling vocals come together with both acoustic and electric instruments. The lengthy track “Divided,” is a great atmospheric song with doesn’t bore at all thanks to its many soaring guitar solos and frequent tempo changes. The album ends with “Traces,” one final track whose initial dreary feel gets blown away by one final explosive round of guitars.

Shadecrown’s second album has a strong melancholic sound similar to bands like Insomnium and Wolfheart with 8 no-nonsense tracks. The band employs traits from doom, death and progressive metal to create a varied, complex and atmospheric experience that commands multiple listening sessions. Here’s “Lifelong Dying.”