From Australia with love!

-- Powder For Pigeons --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
alternative rock
Stoner rock
Punk rock
Album artists:
Rhys Jones Vocals, guitar
Meike Jones Drums

Review written by Glenn “Terra Shredder” Van Bockstaele.

Powder For Pigeons is an Australian alternative rock band formed in 2013 and consisting of just 2 members, vocalist/guitarist Rhys Jones and his wife, drummer Meike Jones. Over the past five years the couple toured Europe multiple times (including one major tour as support for Monster Magnet), shared stages with the likes of Soulfly, Melvins and Sepultura and appeared on various European festivals like Czad Festiwal (PL), Vestrock (NL), Öllesummer (EST), Up in Smoke (CH), Stoned from the Underground (D), and our country’s very own Desertfest and Roadkill festivals. This month they’ve released their third album in vinyl and digital formats. We received the album from our German friends called Dr. Music Promotion. Vielen dank!

This seven-track release kicks off with “Catapult,” a song that reminds me of early Lost Prophets material. This track has a youthful, punk-rock feel to it with the underlying drum beats in particular being very effective as well as Rhys’ vocals going from slightly relaxed to down-right angry! Next up is “Personality,” a slower tune with more emphasis on guitar riffs and despite the lack of real bass, this song still feels pretty damn heavy. As a whole, this tune is reminiscent of Queens Of The Stone Age. The album’s third track is “Lay It On,” a song that serves as a mixture between the previous two tunes but this time with a more stoner rock feel.

Then comes track 4, “Shitstorm City,” a swinging rockabilly tune with a particularly catchy chorus and once again the prominent drum beats steal the show alongside the crispy guitar sound and Rhys’ seemingly joyful Australian accent. The track “Expectation” is another heavy hitter on the album and this tune has a large Muse flavor to it with a ton of guitar distortion. Up next is the blues rock song “Better Days.” The slowest and longest track on this release and despite being so different compared to the album’s other songs, it provokes a melancholic, alcohol-fueled atmosphere but there’s still a slightly comedic feel because of the song’s main melody almost sounding like hiccups. It’s pretty funny, actually. And finally there’s Over And Out’s title track, a fast and head-on rock n’ roll tune that feels quite a bit like Green Day.

Overall, Powder For Pigeons’ third set of recorded material is a sweet compilation of alternative, stoner, blues, rockabilly and punk rock songs all coming from the dry, muddy lands from Down Under! Despite the album’s short length and lack of bass, this Aussie power duo get their points across clearly and powerfully. All songs on Over And Out showcase a different rocking trait of Powder For Pigeons and we’re looking forward to seeing them live. But for now, we can all enjoy this sweet “Catapult!”