Dutch Of Spades

-- Souls Of Deaf --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
heavy metal
Punk rock
Hard Rock
Album artists:
Francis Van Der Hoff Vocals
Luc Van Rens Guitar
Sander Stappers Bass
Carl Vereijken Drums


Souls Of Deaf’s first album was sent to me by Seppe Van Ael, vocalist of punk rock band CLCKWS as well as promoter for RockXXL, Nosebleed Records, Svnday Promotions and finally his own For The Record podcast. Enough introductory chitchat, let the shredding begin!


Fortune Favors The Bold is the debut release of Dutch rock band Souls Of Deaf, formed in 2015. The album is released through Dutch record label Rock Company. Fortune Favors The Bold starts off strong with a badass, bass-heavy opening joined by sharp guitar riffs and bombastic drums lines until it enters into “Fall From Grace” and the band is quick to unleash their inner speed freaks with this poignant rock n’ roll track. Essentially, Souls Of Deaf’s sound is most inspired by Motörhead, the same sharp riffs and punk rock song structures. Especially tracks like “Fall From Grace,” “Rushed To The Bone” and “Out For Lunch” serve as major examples. Other songs are inspired by Guns N’ Roses (Fortune Favors The Bold’s title track) and Black Sabbath (“My Will Be Done”). The Dutch accent of vocalist Francis gives this entire album a unique touch. There is a sense of rush and urgency in his voice and it perfectly fits perfectly with the band’s sound, especially with the fast songs. That being said, there isn’t much else I need to say to describe Souls Of Deaf’s sound. You know Motörhead and the sound they’ve brought to the sonic table and Souls Of Deaf pays a beautiful homage to the Three Amigos as well as other iconic bands from the 1980s!


On top of an altar and surrounded by praying monks, stands a huge eagle spreading its wings, ready to fly right out of Fortune Favors The Bold’s majestically blue cover art. I love the cover not just for its aesthetics, but also because of its originality. It’s the sort of artwork I usually associate with symphonic metal rather than boots-to-the-ground rock n’ roll.


I’ve got several favorites! The badass punk rhymes of “Fall From Grace,” the anthem like “Forwards You Move” (although I wish that track were a bit shorter) and finally the Motörhead tribute song “Out For Lunch.” Filled with references to classic Motörhead songs and phrases as well as a main melody similar to the title track of that band’s 2000 release “We Are Motörhead!” Get the Jack and Coke out now, guys!

However, I did not like the slower tracks that much, songs like Fortune Favors The Bold’s title tune. That song in particular felt slow and dragged on, showing a band that’s clearly not playing to their strengths. Personally, Souls Of Deaf fares much better when they’re playing fast and hard. Good thing is that the majority of this Fortune Favors The Bold album follows that principle. And that’s why these Dutchmen are now getting…


7 aces out of 10! Rather than reinventing the wheel, Souls Of Deaf takes said wheel and give it a good hard spin! An old-school album that aims to bring some of that classic Motörhead vibe to you but with a typically Dutch flavor! No Dutch courage is needed to enjoy this release, just don’t forget the joker! Here’s a preview of the album presented to you by Rock Company featuring fragments from five different tracks on Fortune Favors The Bold!