Gothics can have fun, too!

-- LoveLorn Dolls --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Gothic rock
Industrial Metal
Pop rock
Album artists:
Ladyhell Vocals
Corpus Christi Guitars
Nicho Brynin Bass
Nico Davel Drums


I was contacted by the LoveLorn Dolls’ frontwoman Kristell “Ladyhell” Lowagie herself to shred my way through her bands’ freshly made full length release. I didn’t know about the LoveLorn Dolls before but I can already tell you I’m damn glad she presented her music project to me. Here we go!


Dark Ages is the third album from the Brussels-based gothic rock band LoveLorn Dolls, formed in 2011. This release is distributed by Alfa Matrix and consists of 10 tracks for about 40 minutes of playtime. The LoveLorn Dolls combines hard-hitting industrial metal riffs similar to Rammstein with the melancholic gothic rock atmosphere from the Cure and even a bit of symphonic metal from the likes of Lacuna Coil. The main thing I personally find the most attractive about the LoveLorn Dolls’ sound is how Corpus Christi’s uplifting guitar riffs are contrasted by Ladyhell’s howling vocals. It creates a catchy, intimate and down-to-earth atmosphere that goes on through the entire album. Some tracks like the opening title track and its succeeding song Dead Sea are slow, emotional ballads while other songs like Psalms are Another World are hard-pounding guitar tracks. These latter two tracks in particular showcase the more technical side of the LoveLorn Dolls with awesome guitar solos! And you guys all know I’m always happy to hear some guitar shredding!


The songs on Darker Ages mainly deal with dark subjects. Religious extremism is frequently discussed throughout the album as well as physical and emotion pain. However, thanks to the joyful sounding beats the entire concept feels less depressing than it would be should you just be reading the album’s lyrics. As for the cover art, there’s a young woman wearing a black gothic styled wedding dress, standing peacefully, eyes closed, a crow perched on her shoulder and a human skull in her hands. Like the band’s musical style this image both invokes a sense of peace and danger. A feeling of happiness and damnation. The difference between life and death. A marriage and a funeral all in one!


One of my favorites is the album’s final track, Another World. Ladyhell’s vocals in particular are very powerful in this final track as she unleashes all her fury and pain into the song’s chorus. I was so intrigued by the song that I replayed the song as soon as it was finished! Other favorites of mine are the ballad Dead Sea (I would love to dance to that track with a beautiful gothic lady on my side) and the song Psalms for Corpus Christi’s epic guitar work. As for my least favorite track, I kind of feel that the album’s opening title track is a bit weak and dragging on. The song itself does include Ladyhell doing harsh shrieks along with her typical vocals, providing a sweet contrast. That being said, time to score this baby…


8 crows out of 10. Once again I’m grateful to having encountered another talented Belgian underground act. The LoveLorn Dolls’ third release is one of my first tastes of gothic rock (at least that I’m aware of) and I’ve got to say that I’m hungry for more! This is a band I can warmly recommend to fans of casual rock, gothic music and heavy metal. Now come and enjoy the music video for Dead Sea here below!