When old school deathcore collides with the present.

-- Psycho Frame --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Album artists:
Jonathan Whittle Vocals
Mike Sugars Vocals
Jordan Crain Guitars
Hunter Young Guitars
Jonathan Mackey Bass
Dave Mustrange Drums

Review written by Glenn Schrijvers.

Who are they?

Psycho-Frame is born by ex-members of Vatican and Moodring hailing out of Florida, Missouri. The band consists of ex-Vactican members Jonathan Whittle, Jonathan Mackey and Mike Sugars, ex-Moodring members Jordan Crain and Hunter Young and finally Dave Mustrange on drums. Jonathan Mackey is currently on tour playing in Dying Wish in Europe. Hunter Young is also behind the production for the debut EP. These lads dropped their first single “24 hours left” and the deathcore scene went berserk! You can find this single at the end of this review.


The background is lovely pink that makes you think life is all about unicorns and rainbows. But the disfigured dog that escaped from Resident Evil turns it into a violent mix of unicorns getting butchered and their entrails being used for home decoration. As for the logo it looks all bandmembers took a spit on the cover and let it drip. So what to expect from the look of the cover art, nothing more or less than the most violently deathcore known to man.

The EP “Remote God Seeker”

The EP kicks off with "Internal Death Trance" that begins with sound samples bringing you in a trance but before we get there Psycho-Frame unleashes a tidal wave of blast beats and verocious riffs that fries your brain circuit! It reminds me of old Suicide Silence and the duo vocal assault is like a Frankenstein experiment of combining Corpsegrinder from Cannibal Corpse with Darius from Spite, Ben from Shadow Of Intent and Scott from Carnifex covered with filth and hate. The breakdowns hit you like a freightrain filled with napalm.

Next up is "24 Hours left" that immediately continues with a barrage of nasty blast beats with gutturals as a side dish. The downtuned riffs will drive any sane men straight to the asylum! After the phrase “Find a safe place so you could remember the taste of her kiss when you felt her neck break. You deceased cock sucker.” We get a breakdown filled with screeches and gutturals that awaken your inner caveman. We're already halfway with "Dragging Nazarene" that starts off with riffs and basslines pounding in your skull. Another fierce breakdown hits and the most disgusting gutturals are found on this track. Despite being a chaos on all levels the production and mixing delivers a feast for your ears and all senses.

"Raining Glass" brings me back in time with bands like Job For A Cowboy, Conducting From The Grave, All Shall Perish and Blood Runs Black but still adding their own signature sound. I'm quite fond of the drums, they bring that extra punch to the vocal massacre. Next up is "New Jack Eradication" that immediately turn into a vocal vortex of gutturals and high pitched screams with blast beats and djenty riffs that transform into beatdown riffs. The breakdown will cause severe neck damage and roundhouse kicks. This track reminds me of Waking The Cadaver in their early days. The final track is "Lasting Mortal Nightmare" that contains more of that delicious cocktail of guturals and menacing drums, frantic riffs and staggering breakdowns with a bass that will crush your chest.

The verdict

With a runtime of just over 19 minutes Psycho-Frame delivers a collison between the past and the present deathcore. Their "Remote God Seeker" EP is filled with the most filthiest gutturals, high-pitched screams and mid growls known to man. This abomination contains the most aggressive blast beats, menacing riffs and pounding bass I've heard in a long time. This is for fans of Job For A Cowboy, Spite, Born Of Osiris and Annotations Of An Autopsy. If you like your deathcore served raw with buckets of guts sprinkled all over it then Psycho-Frame is going to be your favorite dish.

The score