Back with a surge of fury

-- Fatal Move --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Album artists:
Ziggy Vocals
Joeri Drums
Ruige Kenny Guitar
Thomas Bass
Jens Guitar

Review written by Glenn Schrijvers.


Fatal Move is back with “Those Days” featuring Tito from Surge Of Fury. The last release from the lads was “Groove” that was about the past 10 years of Fatal Move (which I reviewed back in January, read it here: A gentle reminder for those hardcore shredders out there! Do not miss out on 12th of May the celebration of 10 years Fatal Move with support of Mindwar, Surge From Fury and Mark My Way. It's going to be a night to remember so you don't want to miss this one out!

The single itself

This new Fatal Move tune called "Those Days" can be divided into 3 chapters. In chapter 1 the focus is on frontman Ziggy from Fatal Move itself. The song starts with menacing riffs joined by upbuilding drums till the moment Ziggy kicks in with his vocals and everybody's pissed off since the lyrics are about that the band being fed up that the world is being controlled by clowns who love their power and  keep telling the people what to do. And while the common man deals with mental as well financially problems,  the elite doesn’t care and keeps pushing us to the edge. That’s why Fatal Move wants to go back to “Those Days," back when we all lived our own way. Ziggy ends chapter 1 with a soothing BLEGH and then the first breakdown kicks in. In this breakdown you hear the angry emotions and frustration! It hyped me up in combination with the lyrics that I would like to burn it all down!

The second chapter focusses on guest vocalist Tito from Surge Of Fury. He brings another raw feeling of hatred to the track. The last chapter I would like to call the grand finale that combines the fury of Tito with the aggression of Ziggy. Ziggy gives the start shot with another BLEGH and Tito spits a diss before the showdown of the second breakdown while the vocalists scream out their discontentment! Despite the ending isn’t fast paced it still sounds brutal and will let people go in a frenzy and tear the venue apart!

The verdict

“Those Days” is a harsh and brutal track with menacing packed riffs, aggressive pounding and cymbal hitting on the drums, a veracious and well working combination of the 2 vocalists that adds just that extra spice to this great hardcore tune. Personally for me the first breakdown is that extra cherry on top of a big good old milkshake. Compared with the first single “Groove,”  the former is more of a party/anthem track where you sing along with beers and party hard while “Those Days” is a dark, hateful track that makes you want to tear everything apart.

The score

Lyrics: 18/20
Personal liking:16/20

Total 88/100