A little too far

-- Gia G --

David Hardy

Album genres:
Fusion Metal
Instrumental metal
Album artists:
Gia G Guitars / Keybord
Mark George Drums
Paul Angle Bass

Intro necessary :

Ok guyzs, here we are on instrumental from top to bottom, from left to right, and all the power of what you normally get in the voice, you have to get in the guitar. It's an experience like any other, let's say that it's clearly close to a mix between Mike Oldfield and Steve Vai. This style a little soaring remaining in the vicinity of metal rock fusion ... come on, we keep, it gives a little depth in the styles and we are interested here. We are here in the presence of a 3 tracks EP very well done putting forward the mastery of Gia G (Gia Federico) Guitarist from Boston USA. Let's see what came out of Boston (other than the Celtics and, a little further, the Patriots). First of all we have Barry Goudreau, who in my opinion has already given him quite a bit in his sound, but we also have a certain Dick Dale, the guy that everyone knows but for whom the name is unknown! I assure you that you know at least one of his titles! ... If I tell you pulp fiction, THE emblematic music of Pulp fiction ! Well it's him ! ... What else do we have ? Well, Frank Black for example, guitarist of the Pixies ... And of course the whole Boston band ... (that will speak to old people like me !). So yes, Boston remains a breeding ground for music and electric guitar oriented rock/metal (see more extreme metal with Jacob Bannon). It is thus in this pot of jam which must stick well to the skin that evolves Gia Federico alias Gia G.

Developing : 

Well, so much to tell you in one word ... it is pretty, as well as what it is supposed to look like, and the piling up of different guitars is very well done, the guitar is well put forward, the parts are well cut, we understand what is done and the technical parts are clearly clean. Yes, ... yes but, ... we are clearly on an EP that does not make anything stand out so much it is smooth, it is clean, it is, I would not go to say without soul because it would be an insult that it does not deserve, but, I listened to the whole EP during more than two hours (and it is not 15 minutes in whole) ... I do not have anything "sticky" ... yes it is well made, but, nothing stands out or remains. I like to have a little feeling of lack when I stop listening to a piece, and there, I don't have it, it's guitar and bass/drums that follow ... Be careful eh, they follow well, but, it makes the listening quite bland for my taste. 

I couldn't even tell you which of the three tracks I liked best ... well, yes, the first one (Cosmic Wave), but that's really to say to take one out. Basically, I would recommend it for working, as a musical carpet, it's quite inspiring, but it doesn't attract attention and it leaves you free to work at ease without being disturbed by saying "wow that part".

The Sentence : 

My note is going to be severe and I invite you to put it in perspective with what I say afterwards:


It's technically good, it's well mixed, it's nice, she seems moreover super friendly and we feel that she understands her instrument better than many musicians and knows how to use it better than many men... but her music is (too) quickly forgotten, nothing transcendent. As Paul Pairet would say, "It lacks that little twist to spice up your dish"! Without knowing her and for what it's worth, I would say this to her: "Accept that you are not perfect, accept yourself with all your shadow, on the contrary, look it well in the face and use it to convey an emotion coming from the gut, a little acid, a little bitter, it doesn't matter, but put yourself, the real you, in your composition and your playing. Stop looking for perfection. You have the technique, you don't need much to go to the next level! I would be happy to listen to the real Boston Gia!"