Can you feel the groove?

-- Fatal Move --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Album artists:
Ziggy Vocals
Joeri Drums
Ruige Kenny Guitar
Thomas Bass
Jens Guitar

Review written by Glenn Schrijvers.


Remember when I said new stuff is coming a while back at Nokfest? Well brace yourself lads because Fatal Move has released their new single called ‘Groove’! Let me tell you something I can feel the ‘GROOVE’ in this single, that’s for sure! For those who are not familiar with the band, I recommend watching the videoclip at the end of this review.  They play hardcore at its finest with a dropkick of beatdown in your ears.

The Single

The song is about the past 10 years of the band: touring, having fun, letting the haters hate and loving the scene. The lyrics are catchy because, after listening a couple of times I was singing along so be warned! The song itself is a ferocious riff rollercoaster with a breakdown so harsh that one of my plants died while listening. The main melody was stuck in my head for days so fists in the air for Ruige Kenny and Jens.

Ziggy's vocals in this song are beyond brutal! You will hear it at the breakdown. The drums and bass are in perfect harmony and yet you might want to kick somebody’s teeth out. You will party, sing and wreak havoc on this song. The melody, harmony, timbre and rhythm make this an incredible song. Big thumbs up for the production. Fatal Move will celebrate their 10 years in Trix on 12/05/23 with support of Surge of Fury, Mindwar and Mark My Way. Do not miss this one out!

The Verdict

In my honest opinion this single proves yet again that Fatal Move deserve their crown for being one of the best in the Belgian hardcore scene and that they’re here to stay and enjoy another 10 years. If you like Lionheart, Nasty and Terror then Fatal Move is your Belgian answer.

The score