The depravity Of mankind

-- Slaughter The Giant --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Death Metal
Black metal
Album artists:
Benny Ubachs Vocals
Jeroen Broos Guitar
Timi Devos Guitar
Daan Vangoidsenhoven Bass
Joren Baert Drums

Review written by Glenn Schrijvers.

Slaughter The Giant is a Belgian symphonic melodic death metal band formed in 2018. They released an EP called ‘Asylum Of The Damned’ in 2019, which was reviewed by Glenn "Terra Shredder" back then (read his review here: It was well received by the metalfans and critics alike.

In the beginning of 2022 they started recording their first debut album ‘Depravity’ at Project Zero Studios. Their new album ‘The Depravity’ will be released on October 28 by Hammerheart Records. There will be an album release show on November 12 in Rock/Metal café HELL in Diest with support acts of: Volière, Hope Erodes, Provectus, Bleedskin, When Plagues Collide and Fractured Sanity.

Track By Track

The album starts with ‘Depravity’. It starts with an upbuilding intro where you feel there is something menacing incoming. Unleashing melodic chaos and mayhem with a touch of symphonic elements. Lyrically it is about the contemporary society: people blindly following like “sheeps” and wickedness of governments due to the corona crisis. ‘World to come’ starts with upbuilding guitar, and all hell breaks loose: deafening drum accompanied by melodic guitar riffs in the background. The vocals are raw and intense - you can actually feel the chaos in his voice. The song is about the wars, corruption…

Next up is ‘Compliance’. The beginning is melodic but then Benny grabs you by the throat unleashing his wrath passing this on to Wouter Degrez, the singer of When Plagues Collide, turning this in a vocally moshpit. This is an absolute headbanger from beginning to the end! I have experienced this live and what a chemistry between Benny and Wouter. Lyrically it is about the upper class being “superior” and doesn’t care about us, common folk, assuming we will just obey. ‘Co-Ed Butcher’ was the first single that came out for the new album. This song has a more symphonic tune into it and gives me kind of a Cradle Of Filth vibe. The song is about the famous serial killer Ed Gein, also known as The Butcher of Plainfield.

‘Ritual Abuse’ starts with an organ and a choir that follows up with a scream of Benny and Joren wreaking havoc with the drums. The melody in this song is as catchy as hell and you will raise your horns on the phrase ‘Take my hand, drink my blood, say a prayer to our God’. The song is about the priests and their diabolical needs in the name of God. 'Ecological Collapse’ has a melody that will stick in your head. Jeroen and Dimi stick out in this song. The lyrics are about ecological crisis created by humankind. It probably would be a good anthem for Greta Thunberg with her famous words ‘How Dare You.' This is my favorite song of the new album the melody has been stuck into my head for days now… you've been warned!

‘The Undead,’ this song has a videoclip – I recommend you to watch it on YouTube if you dare! From the start is a rollercoaster supported by fast drums and melodic guitars. Halfway the song Benny unleaches a scream followed up by symphonic piece accompagnied by a solo that gives me the chills in a good way nevertheless. It's about being bitten by a zombie and the begin of the apocalypse. The dead walk the earth! A good song for upcoming Halloween. ‘Dark Days’ is the last song of the album and shows how much Benny’s voice has evolved. From the beginning to the end it's a fierce storm of melodic guitar, blasting drums, bass and hellish vocals with a symphonic background. In the end the storm calms down with a guitar outro. ‘Dark Days’ is about fighting against your inner demons and you hear the battle in the music.


Slaughter The Giant brings with their debut album Depravity a melodic and symphonic yet dark and intense album. Comparing to the EP everybody of the band has greatly evolved from Benny’s fierce vocals, the melodic guitars of Jeroen and Timi, the deep notes of bass guitar by Daan who perfectly supports Joren with the blasting drums. You can hear all the effort that is put in this masterpiece that will be greatly expanding their fanbase. This is for the metalheads that love Cradle Of Filth, Septic Flesh, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy and headbangers that love fast drums, fast riffs and bone-splittering vocals. Be sure to check them out on their album release show and I will see you there!

The Verdict

A well deserved 9/10