Love school’s in session!

-- Rebel Priest --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Hard Rock
heavy metal
Album artists:
Jayme Black Bass, vocals
Nate Pole Drums, vocals
Benny Kemp Guitars, vocals

Review written by David Hardy.

Let's begin with some honesty, Rebel Priest’s new EP is a beautiful mess! Organized or disorganized? I'm not sure, but... wow! I had a ton of fun shredding through this one. Rebel priest made me think at "Judas Priest" like they said, some heavy rock 'n roll! Straightforward, energetic, powerful. Nothing more, nothing less.


Let's talk about Rebel Priest’s new EP named "Lesson in Love” track by track. It opens with the title track and does its job to put you into the mood and feel of Rebel Priest. We play hard, we play loud, we smash your heads in with our guitars! It’s a fast-paced and clear-cut hard rock/heavy metal tune reminiscent of AC/DC, Mötley Crüe, Judas Priest and so on! The song smells of leather, chains and sweat! The guitar solo at the 2:30 mark is clear and without reinventing the wheel is an example for those who want to try learning what makes a good solo. Throughout the entire song the guitars are right in place with a speedy play hyper punchy sound that will put a big smile on your face when you’re be listening to this track!

The EP’s next track, "Drive bomber" will continue to boost up your rocking morale and make your hormones move and bounce even more! Come on, that's how rock should be! from the head-banging rhythms to the melodic guitars, from the crunchy bass to the attention-grabbing vocals. You can feel the heat in this one! Ok, the little guitar solo who seems like "Woody Woodpecker" famous laugh at around the end of the song’s 2nd minute isn’t the best solo I ever heard but... there’s so much to like about this whole song that I can definitely give this flaw a pass. Even the bass guitar is full of saturation and it tastes fucking good! The fake stop in the song’s middle is what it is, unnecessary, but well done, so, no need to be overly critical about it.

Next up is "Coat Check Girl" that begins with the phrase "Let’s go get some beer!” At first I thought “Really? Is that what I’ve just heard?” Indeed, this is a pure rod piece of fun written by Rebel Priest’s drummer Nate Pole! And you know, we need more tracks like these! Uninhibited and furiously wild, pure rock n’ roll. No political correctness, no pretentions, what you see is what you get! Ok, on this track, the sing is not so clean as in the EP’s previous two songs but it doesn’t matter. The raunchier vocal style fits very well with the raunchier atmosphere. Drunken feel, drunken vocals!

"Bonfire" is closing the “Lesson in Love” EP. Sadly, since I really wanted a few more songs. It further builds on the continuity of the first three songs with a bluesy middle part and a faster rock n’ roll opening and ending. All in… less than two minutes? Are you kidding? That’s way too short, but I do retain the fact that vocalist Jayme Black can bawl!


Despite the EP’s very short runtime I really enjoyed Rebel Priest’s new release. So much so that it directly went into my USB library of liked EPs and added to my Spotify playlist! Rebel Priest is a no-nonsense band that throws contemporary political correctness out of the nearest window and welcomes back the likes of AC/DC, Mötley Crüe, Motörhead and ZZ Top for 4 tracks of unapologetic and testosterone-fueled rock n’ roll. If you want a young band playing prime 1980s hard rock then you have to check out this band!