Living a fantasy, dreaming on ecstasy

-- Cobra Spell --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Hard Rock
Glam Metal
Album artists:
Angelina Vehera Bass
Sonia Anubis Guitars
Alexx Panza Vocals
Léonard Cakolli Drums
Esmée van Sinderen Guitars

Review written by David Hardy.

While many of our young people are still convinced that the pinnacle of music is between JUL and Aya Nakamura, others have had the good idea to succumb to the devastating riffs of Kiss and Van Halen! Maybe even without ever having watched "Jem and the Holograms” tv-series from the 1980s.

It's rare, but when it happens, we get big surprises! So, between two classes, a young girl from the Netherlands named Sonia Anubis goes from "young girl" to youtuber, guitar hero, sex symbol, lead guitarist of bands like Burning Witches & Crypta… that's a lot of titles for a 22 year old girl! And finally she's the founder of the band we're interested in today, I've named "Cobra Spell". And you know what? It doesn’t end there, because Sonia also worked on writing the texts, the composition, the arrangement and the production! So yeah, we have one true passion project on our hands here, something pretty much made by one artist all by herself (with assistance from others, of course).


So let’s now talk into detail about her band Cobra Spell whose members are all really top notch! If glam metal is to be reborn it will undoubtedly be with Cobra Spell at the head of this renaissance! All the aspects, visual, technical, melodic and vocal are there! It's even quite appealing because you can feel the touch of a band's heyday from those years! Everything, even in the video clip, transpires the beautiful years of glam metal.

So on this second Cobra Spell EP “Anthems Of The Night,” it’s all killer, no filler. If I had to point out one track I enjoyed less than the others, it would be the last one (called “Accelerate” but why that one? Well, simply because the others are a bit more inspired... that's how far you have to go to make a selection! But geared up with the industrious attitude of "I have to do my job" I'm going to criticize the four titles in a like/dislike way. I warn you that it's going to go fast!

Addicted to the night:
+ : Stylish, catchy riffs and lyrics and powerful, you can clearly hear the bass (yessss!!)
- : Throat effects of singer Alexx at 2:15 aren’t great (it feels forced)

The midnight hour:
+ : Chorus well felt, lyrical flights well done, solos and duet of guitars in the hair between solos + supports of solo and duets are well brought
- : Uninventive drums, they lack any solid rhythm

Steal my heart away:
+ : Melody of the song stays in my head, it feels like a ballad but is faster and more energetic
- : Not convinced of the guitars overlapping at 0:43, reminds me of another track but I can't remember the name, not a fan of the Alexx’s thrusts at 2:43 (vibrato)

+ : Song is a perfect example of the great guitar tandem of Sonia and Esmée their solos play off beautifully from one another
- : It feels too lengthy and repetitive, I believe both the seemingly endless guitar jamming at the intro and ending could be cut down a bit
- : the sample sounds of engines starting and cars crashing is a bit cheesy


As a whole, I like "The Midnight hour" the most because it reminds me of the great Aerosmith era! It must be said that with Alexx Panza, the singer (Jon Bon Jovi revival!) and his flights of high notes, Esmée's powerful back and forth riffage and Sonia’s solos, "all I need is the Nobel Prize."

All things considered, every euro, every cent spent on this album is worth the investment! At this point it's no longer a purchase but an investment! Everyone plays/sings just right. This is more than just a band with flamboyant glam looks and a desire to throw us back to the 1980s rock. This EP has everything I want to see, hear and feel in my glam metal. A great and mastered voice, inventive drumming that hits clear and distinct, a rhythm guitar that is just right and efficient and perfectly underlines the melody and the solos, a bass that is probably a bit too subtle (it's normal for the style) but that by the same token proves that it fits perfectly into the whole and brings enough that it doesn't go into full high notes completely inaudible, and finally a soloist that is just goddess level for the compo and the playing! And I almost forgot the backing vocals, which they do super well, at the right time and for the right reasons!