Bleached club smashing

-- Rötting Toet Fleisch --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Album artists:
Röttighaerdt Doodsrochel Vocals
Sluize Beenmergzaag Guitar
Opoe Doodvelmasker Guitar
DT Schedelbreker Bass
Majoor Velsplijter Drums
MC Venijninjecteur Samples

Review written by Stijn "Metal Shredder" Daneels.


During last Christmas holidays I was contacted by a band member of Rötting Toet Fleisch (a good friend of mine who I’ve known for years for his other bands) who told me his side-project got resurrected after 15 years of rotting in the memories of him and his fellow band members. Now, I wasn’t aware of Rötting Toet Fleisch’s existence before, but I do have an appetite for greasy, cheaply made material that’s so bad it’s good so I sure wish to shred through this Corona-fueled and bleach covered demo track! Right now!


“Corona Blues” is the first recorded song from my friendly neighbors Rötting Toet Fleisch after 15 years of absence from the Zottegem underground music scene. After a monologue by the world’s most infamous orange man the band kicks in with a chilling grinding riff, backed by greasy bass and nasal, vomiting vocals filled with COVID & Trump rage. It’s quite an atmospheric tune that doesn’t feel like some random grunting, shredding & blasting. After a few minutes of relatively slow playing, Rötting Toet Fleisch speeds up into a fast and sweet headbanging section before closing down.

Despite the band’s homemade production I do have to say that the overall result is quite solid despite the obvious practical limitations. The guitars are crisp, the drums are clear and the vocals are nicely audible. Goregrind isn’t a genre that I rarely listen to (but I do certainly like to see such bands live if the opportunity presents itself) but this song by Rötting Toet Fleisch does spark my interest in this underground type of music.


“Corona Blues” artwork features a caricatural image of everyone’s “favorite” former US president Donald Trump holding his favorite COVID-19 killing “medicine” while the rest of the artwork is covered by COVID balls. It’s a simple but perfect representation of the song’s main theme and that’s all it needs to be.


7 Clorox bottles out of 10. A fun and greasy goregrind FU to the current pandemic and the politics that caused this disaster to be as severe as it is today. Rötting Toet Fleisch’s first demo tune is a nice little DIY treat for everyone who’s looking for a quick and hard tune to rage against the COVID machine. Here’s the demo song!