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-- InHuman --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Death Metal
Symphonic metal
Album artists:
Dietwin Elbers Vocals
Eline Van De Putte Vocals
Astrid Kaiserman Keyboards
Romain Caudron Guitars
Eerik Maurage Guitars
Julien Huyssens Bass
Yuki Takano Drums

Review written by Stijn "Metal Shredder" Daneels.


A year ago I shredded keyboardist Astrid back when InHuman was still called Anwynn (read it here: She told me that she and the other band members were working on new material which would be much heavier than the Celtic mythology folk tunes that Anwynn was usually known for. This new material would be more in line with bands like Fleshgod Apocalypse and Machine Head. And so eventually Astrid and her band colleagues announced the death of Anwynn and the birth of InHuman and now their debut single, “Clockwork In The Past” has arrived on our Shredder doorstep!


“Clockwork In The Past” is the first single from the Belgian symphonic death metal band InHum   an, featuring several of Anwynn’s former members including Eline on vocals, Astrid on keyboards and Eerik on guitar. The single is independently released and sent to us by our friends over at Hard Life Promotion. “Clockwork In the Past” will be featured on InHuman’s eponymous debut album scheduled for release February 26th 2021.

The main change that I've noticed in InHuman’s sound compared to their previous Anwynn incarnation is a larger emphasis on guitars and much more heaviness overall. Aside from that, InHuman still has some of Anwynn’s signature characteristics, including orchestral chants, symphonic keyboards, double-bass drums and the catchy dual vocal styles which consist of clean female singing and rough male grunting.

The song itself consists of powerful marching beats and operatic vocals backed by rough grunts. Not only is it an excellent bombardment of death & symphonic metal, but “Clockwork In The Past” also feels like a transition tune between Anwynn’s old and InHuman’s new style and not only does the band embrace both its past and future, but so does the single’s thematic and visual presentation.


“Clockworks In The Past” main theme is time and the transition between past and future through the present. The single’s music video takes place in a medieval castle with the band dressed in medieval clothing and features guest appearances from longtime Anywnn contributors like Vincent “McBouc” Carton on grunt vocals and Luca Viperini on guitar. While the band performs they are being watched by a hooded figure, which I believe to be InHuman’s new vocalist Dietwin, holding a bright green hourglass and an old watch, distantly watching over Anwynn’s old lineup and patiently waiting for the hourglass to run out and for his time with InHuman to begin.


8 hourglasses out of 10. If you enjoyed Anwynn’s old work but wish it were heavier than InHuman will be right up your alley! Featuring heavier riffs, harder pounding drums along with the best ingredients from their former sound, InHuman’s ready for a future of death and symphony! Check out the music video here below!