Old-school bunny killing!

-- Black Rabbit --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Thrash Metal
Death Metal
Album artists:
Pieter Beemsterboer Vocals, bass
Jelle Brekelmans Rhythm guitar
Hidde Hofland Lead guitar
Max Hendriks Drums

Review written by Stijn "Metal Shredder" Daneels.


I’ve got to know this Dutch thrash/death metal act the same way I’ve got to know many other excellent metal bands over the years, via our friends of Hard Life Promotion! This time they’ve dropped a solid thrasher onto my lap, time for another quick but effective shred!


“Warren of Necrosis” is the independently released debut EP from the Dutch thrash/death metal act Black Rabbit who commenced their hellish activities in 2014. The EP begins with “La Bestia,” which is about as old-school a thrash/death metal song could get. Snarly vocals, sharp but melodic riffs, frequent tempo changes and several guitar solos to wrap it all up, some of the song’s beats remind me of Slayer’s iconic “Reign in Blood!” After the menacing opening of the next song, called “Internal Death” Black Rabbit focuses more on classic thrash metal and therefore most of this particular track is played at frantic speed. Things slow down in the “Black Rabbit” track but after the first 3-minute march the song speeds up to another solid thrash part. The EP ends “A Path Profound,” the shortest song on this release and it’s a threatening tune that gradually gets more and more intense and eventually ends in pure death metal rage.

Overall, I’d consider Black Rabbit’s best elements to be the excellent vocals (Pieter has a naturally rough voice that sounds like a blend between thrash, death and black metal), the menacing thrash/death metal atmosphere they provoke (especially in “A Path Profound”) and the excellent guitar work throughout. It’s nothing new under the sun, but said sun does shine quite nicely on this short, enjoyable release.


What’s up, doc? “Warren of Necrosis” artwork features the band’s bunny mascot with two stretched out front teeth, holding a spear in its hands and looking fiercely towards you. This gaunt-looking creature sits on a pentagram-shaped pedestal with large black eyes and tentacles all over! I never knew that rabbits could look so demonic.


I’ve always been a fan of a great opener and therefore, I take the EP’s opening track, “La Bestia,” as my top pick. The song has a huge Slayer vibe (with a touch of Carcass) with the mix of shrieking and grinding riffs, raging vocals and demonic atmosphere.

All 4 songs on “Warren of Necrosis” clock in at about 5 minutes or more and personally, I believe that Black Rabbit would be better off if they trim their songs to 3 or 4 minutes. For instance, in “Internal Death” I would significantly shorten the part between 3:00 and 4:00 Just trim that part’s marching beat to 10 or 15 seconds and then go to the song’s guitar solo (one of the best on the EP, by the way). Same thing goes for the “Black Rabbit” track, the song’s slow first 3 minutes don’t show much of the band’s strengths and it’s only afterwards that Black Rabbit returns to their faster, more vicious and therefore better form.


7 necro carrots out of 10. Black Rabbit’s first EP provides a solid throwback to the Carcasses, Slayers and Exoduses of old. So if you enjoy the thrash and death classics, then this EP is certainly worth a try, so go give “La Bestia” a listen!