Falling with pride!

-- As I May --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Melodic Metal
Album artists:
Tipi Nokelainen Bass, clean vocals
Lasse Hiltunen Guitar, grunts
Jani Valhola Guitar, backing vocals
Marko Korhonen Drums

Review written by Glenn “Terra Shredder” Van Bockstaele.

As I May is a Finnish melodic metal band formed in 2016 and after debuting in 2017 with the album “Speak No Evil” they’ve now released their second album “My Own Creations,” released through Italian record label Rockshots Records and Japanese record label Spiritual Beast and sent to us by our Canadian buddies over at Asher Media Relations.

As I May plays a style of modern metal that reminds me the most of classic Sonic Syndicate. After a cinematic intro the album kicks off for real with “Pride Goes Before A Fall.” A catchy, powerful song that combines melodic riffs with plenty of electronic background tunes and both clean vocals and grunts sung by bassist Tipi & guitarist Lasse respectively. Next up is the highly energetic tune “What a Waste,” a more metalcore styled song wherein the dual vocalists provide an excellent dynamic. The album’s fourth track, “I See You In Me” is a very orchestral tune that almost feels like a blend between Sonic Syndicate and Nightwish! This song’s chorus in particular is truly epic!

The song “Silent” is similar to the earlier “Pride Goes Before A Fall,” another badass mix of metalcore with modern melodic and electronic elements and great dual vocals. “Necessary Evil” adds moody piano tunes to the typically frantic beats as well as another beautifully catchy chorus and so does the succeeding song “Cure Is Worse Than Disease!” Then comes “Quiet Place,” a much more metalcore sounding tune and the heaviest track on the album that goes back and for between vicious blasts, crunching riffs and grunts on one side and symphonic beats and clean vocals on the other side. The album ends with my personal favorite track, “Loud,” one last epic marriage of melodic and harsh beats, vocals and electronic symphony.

Overall, As I May has a great flexible metal sound that mixes vicious metalcore with melody and electronic symphony. It creates a beautiful larger-than-life feel and I believe this band can grow to become a huge name on the modern metal playground. Check these guys out with this track, “Pride Goes Before A Fall.”