Depression & redemption

-- Magg Dylan --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Alternative Metal
Album artists:
Brucifer Lead guitar
Suzanne Lead vocals
AJ Drums
DC Bass
Rob Rhythm guitar

Review written by Nathalie “Smaggie Shredder” Van Hecke.

Magg Dylan is an American alternative metal band from Virginia Beach, VA, USA formed in late 2017 and who are now slated to release their debut album through New York based indie record label Eclipse Records later this month. Eclipse Records’ representative Chris Poland was so friendly to send us this album beforehand so we can get it shredded! And what fun we had!

“Amethyst” is the first full-length release from Magg Dylan and features 10 alternative metal tunes that showcase the band’s raw, emotional energy! This album kicks off with “Delusional,” introducing us to Magg Dylan’s modern heavy metal sound inspired by bands like Saliva, Godsmack, A Perfect Circle & Rise Against. This opening song touches you on a very personal level since it tells the story of vocalist Suzanne going through hell and back with her alcohol addiction. The song features her both singing in a strong, confident voice (the part of her that wants to get rid of the alcohol) and drunkenly humming in the background (representing the side of her that wants to keep on drinking). From a musical standpoint, “Delusional” is very melodic with hard-pounding beats that beautifully present the mental struggle Suzanne is going through. The next song, “Tearz,” is more focused on high-octane riffs and features several rhythm changes and lyrics dealing with various emotions including anger and sorrow but also optimism and faith.

Then comes “Scarz,” the album’s first single, and it’s a huge middle finger towards judgmental people who talk crap about you but don’t understand how their insults mentally scar you. The thunderous riffs create a very dark atmosphere and the seemingly relaxed delivery of the depressing lyrics give this song some serious contrast. It’s one of those songs that you can really relate to, especially in this day and age. After the fun gallop of the “Stood Up” track comes another highlight tune called “Naked Alone in the Tub,” one of the darkest songs on the album because of the grinding, moody melodies and vulnerable vocals. The song’s about feeling depressed when life doesn’t go the way you want to.

After the droning beats of “Crawl” comes another deliciously dark tune called “Sadness.” A song that has crispy bass lines and a grim atmosphere that frequently explodes into raging metal. Then comes the faster and more upbeat sounding “Herakane” which has a very strong combative feel and a catchy chorus. This renewed mental strength and confidence continues in the next song, “F.I.N.E.” definitively one of the heaviest songs on album with strong clean vocals, raw grunts, marching drum beats and soaring guitar riffs. The release ends with “Bad Breed,” a frantic, punk-rock paced tune that serves as one final blow from the band towards everyone who wronged them in the past!

To conclude, “Amethyst” is not just another modern metal album! It’s a beautifully written tale about personal struggles, overcoming dark times and building up the courage to show your true self in today’s society. Written and performed by five people who have all experienced those same mental troubles first-hand and who now bring out a convincing debut album with passionate vocals, inspirational lyrics and powerful melodies! I’m looking forward to hear their future work! Preferably not while being “Naked Alone in the Tub.”

Personal rating : 4/5