Queen takes knight pawn.

-- Egeria --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Symphonic metal
Progressive Metal
Album artists:
Nicole de Ruiter Vocals
Maurice Schepers Guitars
Joris Janssen Bass
Max Vijgen Keyboards
Matthijs Quaars Drums

Review written by Nathalie “Smaggie Shredder” Van Hecke.

Ageria is a Dutch symphonic metal band founded by lead vocalist Nicole along with a group of her friends back in December 2013. Sharing a mutual passion for metal music, Egeria started out covering some songs during rehearsals until a bit later Nicole and keyboardist Max decided to begin writing original material for the band. That brought them to their first song “Requiem Draconis” and in 2016 the band released their first EP called “Requiem of Shadows” and started performing live. Eventually the band discovered their unique sound with plenty of classic, symphonic and progressive influences. And now Egeria has brought out their second EP, “As Night Falls,” released independently and sent to us by our always reliable folks at Hard Life Promotion.

The EP begins with “A Night at the Mansion,” a very powerful song with crisp guitars, upbeat keyboard tunes, varied drum beats and strong vocals. The track has some symphonic touches (including a couple of short organ sections) and Nicole’s voice comes out great and she’s backed by male backing vocals making the main vocals feel like an operatic choir. After that opening comes the tune “What Lies Beneath.” It starts with a lengthy guitar opening in which the keyboards gradually join in and then the song slows down to an intimate atmosphere of piano, soft vocals and crunchy riffs. Eventually the song ends on a literal symphonic high note! Then the EP moves on to “The Rise of the Fallen Queen,” the longest and most typically symphonic metal song. In this particular song trumpets, violins and other classical instruments are prominently featured with the metal instruments frequently popping in. I did feel that the vocals come out less in this song since they sound rougher and more dragged-out.

Things take a more positive turn in “Shattered Mirrors,” a song similar to the earlier “What Lies Beneath” since it starts off peacefully and then builds up to the awesome bombastic second section. The EP’s final song, “Dawn Breaks,” takes my absolute first place! With epic vocals perfectly matched to the song’s marching beats and a magnificent guitar solo to top it all off! In conclusion I can say that Egeria is a very promising band which neatly balances classic heavy with symphonic and progressive metal. This short but enjoyable EP is a dark yet beautiful fantasy trip that showcases Egeria’s sound in many different forms and I can warmly recommend this EP and band to everyone who enjoys such acts like Epica, Xandria, Nightwish and Kamelot.

Personal score: 3/5