Deathcore slaughterhouse

-- Forsaken Crown --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Album artists:
Alexandre Malachenko Vocals
Matthieu Leclercq Rhythm guitar
Julien Moury Lead guitar
Thomas Vandries Bass
Cédric Tiborcz Drums

Review written by Glenn “Terra Shredder” Van Bockstaele.

Forsaken Crown is a Belgian deathcore band founded in early 2015 and who’ve opened up for bands like Leng TCh’e, Dagoba, STAB and Aborted in their first two years’ existence. Between 2017 and 2019 they worked long and hard in order to bring their debut album “The Ignorant One” to the masses. This album is released independently and sent to us by our friends at Hard Life Promotion!

The Forsaken Crown guys describe their sound as a register of deathcore and that’s precisely what you’ll be getting here. After a brief and gentle ambient opening the band starts unleashing their droning riffs, double bass beats, thunderous breakdowns and raging vocals onto you! It’s a very powerful sound that’s for the most part slow to mid-paced, perfect for making those deathcore beats drill huge and deep holes inside your skull with the album’s finale “World of Tyrants” being a very badass tune because of those traits. In addition, Alexandre’s vocals are top-notch and fit perfectly with Forsaken Crown’s feral sound. He has a naturally raging voice and he effortlessly performs clean shouts, gutturals, squeals and lengthy screams in quick succession. And the bone crushing riffs from his band colleagues further add to his already excellent delivery.

But don’t get me wrong, this album isn’t just a one-sided deathcore affair as the band also showcases some sweet sense of melody, particularly in songs such as “God Works In Mysterious Ways” and “The Lurking Fear.” In addition, several songs, such as the opening track “Through My Eyes,” begin with a gentle but moody opening before smoothly crashing down into deathcore territory. And finally there’s a beautiful guitar solo intermission in the form of the track “Quand Vint L’Aurore.” Overall, Forsaken Crown’s core sound is similar to how a pig would feel when it enters the slaughterhouse and gets brutally slashed and cut into pieces and given the sterile white artwork stained with blood it’s not hard to see that allusion as well.

With this debut album, Forsaken Crown provides deathcore at a very competent level. In those short 30 minutes they slice and dice their way through your eardrums with laser precise machete slashes! They may have added some bells and whistles to the traditional deathcore sound, but there’s no nonsense to be found here! Well recommended to all deathcore freaks out there! Now get your teeth into the “World of Tyrants.” Bon appétit!