Less is more.

-- Fearrage --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Death Metal
Thrash Metal
Melodic Metal
Album artists:
Juha Virkamäki Vocals, guitar
Severi Osala Guitar
Lassi Mäkelä Bass
Markus Kuula Drums

Review written by Glenn “Terra Shredder” Van Bockstaele.

Fearrage is a Finnish melodic death/thrash metal band formed in 2014. “Songs From The Sorrow” is the band’s second EP, succeeding their 2016 EP “Resistance” and released through Finnish record label Inverse Records.

After a gentle bass opening the EP begins with “The Day The Sun Fell Down,” a great multi-faceted track that features thrash metal rhythms, death metal riffs, melodic guitar solos and commanding vocals, all nicely put together into one fluid tune. Then comes “Your Demise,” a shorter, faster and more death metal oriented song that still retains a lot of the melodic elements from the previous track. The EP’s third track, “Only Affliction,” drives the thrash metal rollercoaster with a song that just keeps on building up intensity until it finally explodes with an epic guitar solo. Definitely the heaviest song on the release. And finally there’s “Those Who Don’t Remember The Past,” a departure from the earlier songs since this is a longer and slower track inspired by modern groove metal with breakdowns and much cleaner vocals. Fortunately, Fearrage’s signature guitar work is still very well on display here so it’s not that big of a departure compared to the other three tracks.

Despite the EP’s very short length (clocking in at about 17 minutes) I’m very pleased with this sweet little release from this young but very talented Finnish act. Fearrage smoothly combines thrash, death and melodic metal and shines throughout each every aspect with their powerful guitar work, convincing vocals and tight rhythms. Their second EP is a great example that quality always wins over quantity and we can highly recommend this release to any death n’ thrasher out there. Here’s the music video for “Your Demise.”