Guitar solos, dual vocalists and core!

-- Beyond Our Sight --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Melodic hardcore
Album artists:
Lendert Vocals
Michael Vocals
Michiel Guitar
Frédéric Guitar
Pieter-Jan Bass
Mattias Drums

Review written by Glenn “Terra Shredder” Van Bockstaele.

Beyond Our Sight is a metalcore band from Ghent formed in 2018 and featuring former members from Poseydon and The Breathing Reflex. “The Void Within” is their debut EP and is an independent release sent to us by our friends from Hardlife Promotion.

The EP begins with “Mindless Impulses” a smooth, mid-paced metalcore song in which you can quickly hear the different qualities between the band’s two vocalists. Michael has a typical, clean metalcore grunt while his colleague Lendert has a much greasier voice. Both singers mainly sing in duet but they sometimes go for harmony. This duo vocalist style is certainly one of Beyond Our Sight’s main strengths and I hope they’ll keep on expanding on this. Up next is “Wasteland,” beginning with a gentle buildup before exploding into a barrage of sharp guitar riffs, sweetly pounding drum beats and both vocalists going for grunts, growls and even several clean vocal lines. The band also employs a pretty sweet guitar solo near the end and, like with the dual vocalists, I wish they’ll further build on this.

Then comes the third track, “Whitenoise,” a darker and heavier song (particularly in the vocal parts) that still retains an upbeat feeling similar to the other songs on the EP thanks to the uplifting guitar riffs. Up next is the title track of “The Void Within” one of the most melodic songs on this release because it features a couple of fully fledged guitar solos. This along with the convincing vocals from both singers and a short little breakdown this title track is definitely one of the EP’s highlights! After that melodic interlude the band goes for a head-on hardcore song with “Your Mind Makes It Real.” Although I believe the song could’ve been better with some more speed and ferociousness and a more densely song structure, I still think this tune could create some spontaneous moshing. Then comes “Icarus,” with its 5-minute playtime this is the longest song on the EP but thankfully the band decided to make this song a coherent blend of hardcore vocals and beats with plenty of melodic sections in between. And finally there’s the EP’s single, “Strenuous!” Along with the title track the best song on the album. It’s fast, raw and hard-pounding but what sets this track apart from the rest is that it features clean, melancholic vocals with grunts echoing those same lines a second later. Add to that another set of melodic main riffs and you’ve got yourself one great finale!

Beyond Our Sight’s first EP was a sweet metalcore album to shred through! The band successfully combines metalcore with a huge sense of melody (particularly their guitar solos are sweet) and the dual vocalists give their sound an additional dynamic feel. If they keep up this songwriting and crank up the production values, then the future looks bright for Beyond Our Sight! Here’s the music video for the EP’s single, “Strenuous!”