Lambs, Tools, Soils and Knots!

-- Atria --

Stijn Daneels

Album genres:
Anthemic metal
Melodic death metal
Album artists:
Tom Emmans Vocals
Tim Ross Guitar
Travis McGinnis Guitar
Brent Westmoreland Bass
Matt McGuire Drums

Review written by Glenn Van Bockstaele.

Atria is a Canadian anthemic metal formed in 2017. Last November the band unleashed their debut EP “New World Nightmare,” distributed by CDN Records and sent to us by Asher Media Relations, thanks a lot! The EP features 4 songs, starting with the epic title track, showing Atria’s style of modern heavy metal with metalcore beats and melodic guitar riffs. It’s a fast-paced and varied opener especially thanks to vocalist Tom’s wide vocal range. He can grunt, scream and sing naturally, all with raw power and emotion. Then comes the song “Someone With Me,” a slower and less aggressive tune with the clean vocals and gentle guitar melodies jamming alongside the much more ferocious drum beats. The EP’s third track, “Less Than Equal,” is a tune mainly inspired by melodic death metal but also features some kind of choir chanting alongside the raging vocals as well as a bizarre, dark ambient ending. The EP wraps up with “Follow Your Home,” a song that has a huge Soilwork feel to it and features the same epic, high-octane melodies and vocals and rollercoaster beats as in the rest of the EP. And with a final scream and some ambient noise, the band say their goodbyes after this short but epic ride.

With this first release, Atria show off a ton of potential to become a significant name in the expansive Canadian metal scene. They have a varied and very cinematic sound that has an intense, emotional and very engaging feel. So if you’re looking for a multifaceted band that combines metalcore, melodic death metal, emotionally fueled vocals and even a little orchestra all together, then Atria is a band well worth your time. Here’s the official music video for the EP’s second track: “Someone With Me.”